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Domain User Vs. Local Admin User

By fasthandswingchun ·

This is the first time I am posting a thread and its quite foolish. I want to know what is the difference between a Domain User ID added to Local Admins group and New User created in Local Admins Group ?

I know that there is no difference between the two scenarios, but just wanted a second opinion to prove it to one of the Users in my company. He is a software developer and insists that he should have local admin rights and that too with the administrator ID only, else he cannot work. My argument is that if his domain ID is added to the local admins group of his PC, then he can work in the same way as he would work when logged on as administrator of the same local PC.

Please help, and thanx for any help you people might give.

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Different, but may not matter in this case.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Domain User Vs. Local Adm ...

First, please don't cross post to different topics.

A domain user is a user who has a domain account and can log on to the network. Unless certain restrictions have put in place, the domain user can log on to any machine in the domain.

Creating a new user on a single computer allows the user access to that single computer. That user cannot log on to the domain from that computer, must remember to change the domain field on the logon window, and cannot log on to any other domain computer.

You are correct that adding either account to the local Administrators group will have the same effect in terms of effective admin privs. We have dozens of software developers who have only domain accounts. Unless they have a laptop, they don't get local admin, only Power User. We don't create local accounts for anyone (other than the default Administrator account).

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by mohan888 In reply to Domain User Vs. Local Adm ...


Please inform him that if a user is added to admin group then the user will be having equal rights of the administrator.

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