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    Domain web address not viewable…


    by skivtmp ·

    We have two servers both running Windows 2000 Small Business Server. All of our machines have Windows 2000 Professional and both servers and machines are running SP4 with all the latest patches. They have Internet Explorer 6.1 installed and up to date. All web browsing works fine except for one site…our domain address. The website for the domain is hosted by an external company. When you try to access the web page internally, it says “page can not be displayed”. The page is frequently needed by users and if anyone has any suggestions as to why it is not being displayed, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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      by edlockett ·

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      It sounds like you have set your active directory domain the same as your internet domain. This will prevent you from resolving the DNS name of your external web site. What you need to do is set your (internal) AD domain to be something like [companyname].local . However as you are using SBS I think you will have to reinstall the OS in order to change your domain name.

      Good luck 🙂

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      by razz2 ·

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      I agree with EdLockett except for the solution. Just add
      a DNS HOST record entry pointing “”www” at the public
      web sites ip address. This is a common mistake. You
      named your AD Domain with the so any
      queries are hitting your DNS and thinking it’s done. If
      you have an internal www then call it


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