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Donâ??t trust big IT companies â?? Part 1

By JacobHess ·
Big companies in IT industry are always trying to advertise their products as something they have created specially for you to make your life easier.
They say they care about you, they understand you and your problems and they have just the thing for you to overcome them.
But reality is quite opposite since in many cases those companies and their actions are what makes your head hearts.

The only thing these companies care about is your money.
And in order to get it they don???t care if your buisiness might suffer.
They will simply offer you some new tool they have just invented to get you back on track so that they could get even more money from you.

Here is an example to ilustrate the above.
Lets say you made a misteke by tying your core buisiness to some vendor specific platform.
And one day vendor simple announces they they will stop providing support for that specific version.
In order to extend support you have to upgrade to the new version.
Lets brake down what this exactly means for your buisiness.

First you have to pay vendor for new licenses for the new version.
Then you have to pay vendor to help you install the new version.
Then you have to pay vendor to migrate data and processes to the new version.
Then you have to pay vendor to fix bugs that will occur after new version goes into production.
Then you have to pay vendor for seminars for your employeess to teach them how to work with new version.
And for all of these steps some of your people will have to spend a lot of extra time instead of doing something productive.

And what is the end result?
Service degradation because of all the problems involved in the above steps.
Resulting probably in decreased revenues, negative feedback from the customers and loss of customers.
So you are paying tons of money to inflict demage to your company.
And all that because you are being blackmailed to buy product that you don???t need which has few extra features that you will never use and it is not even fully backward compatible with previous version.

Now how does that makes any sense and why is it so?

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