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My brother lives on a wide boat and has bought a dongle as there is no physical connection to the internet. The problem is there is very little to no reception on the boat, in order to get a reception he has to tie the dongle halfway up the aerial on top of the boat, then run wires down and into the boat. what he wants is to permanently fix the dongle to the aerial (secure & watertight) connect the dongle to a wireless router. which would leave him free to use the laptop in any room on the boat. I have looked about and can't find a lead which fits the dongle (a small USB) into either an RJ45 or RJ11. At present he has a BT wireless so it would need to be an RJ11, but thats easy changed with a different router.
Does anyone know of a way round this problem?
I have asked him to contact the people he got his dongle from (dont know the outcome of that yet).

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I have seen a router put into a plastic food container...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to dongle to wieless

With the aerial holes sealed, this would make it watertight. With a few air holes (small i might add) made on the bottom of the container for the air to circulate, it should be fine for your boat for a few days at least.

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by TheChas In reply to dongle to wieless

Is this a connection for a 3G style wireless Internet service?

If so, he might just need a different adapter. Some adapters do have antenna jacks on them. Then, you just connect up the antenna and you are set to go.

As the dongle has a mini USB connector on it, I presume it plugs into the USB port on his computer. If so, there is a maximum cable length that you can have for USB.

For your next problem, you will need to find a router that accepts the wireless adapter as a WAN device. I again presume this dongle plugs into a USB port.

There are a few routers designed to work with what are also referred to as USB Aircards.


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