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    Don’t be an Idiot .


    by ashishkar2000 ·

    We call computer an idiot box. Which acts as a slave & does every thing precisely as instructed by its Master(US, the computer professionals).
    To create some thing one needs to think beyound its(Computers) capabilities.Thats when we end up creatingsome thing New. If we limit ourself with in certain bounderies, we will be more like a frog in the well for whome thats the whole world.
    We should not forget that most persistent thing in world is CHANGE.Tecnology is changing every day.One who evenmanages to think like certain computer(there are different varieties available),if he/she is not good in adopting the to the change happening all around. He/She will end up in the “Frogs Well”.

    So don’t be an idiot “Frog” be a Creator.Get out of the Well.


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