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Don't be mad bro...

By MacNewton ·
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The name PADD & Star Trek have a long history in North America

by MacNewton In reply to Don't be mad bro...

Dedicated to: @thoiness

What's a good Product Name?
Why did Apple use the name "iPad" and why are people so upset the name. I must say, It really brings out the 12 year old in most people (immature boys)

Have a look as some of the "Pad" names that some companies are using.
Lenovo Vice President Liu Jun @ Lenovo launched Le Pad
Olivetti call's theres OilPad
Asus is using "PadFone"
then theres Eee Pad from AsusTek

I guess everyone likes the Name "Pad". Question, will "Hitching a ride" on Apples brand name help sell products? Well maybe.

The name "Pad" all started with the TV/Movie SiFi show Star Trek, the name they used was" PADD".

The Fact that Apple has used the " I" in their product line as far back as 2000 and the Name PADD was already used on Star Trek shows. People understood the concept , so why should Apple NOT continue with that theme?

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to The name PADD & Star Trek ...

And notepads? You know, the pen-and-paper kind, are they post-Star Trek too?
Pull the other one, hard!

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Star Trek TV show???

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The name PADD & Star Trek ...

"The name "Pad" all started with the TV/Movie SiFi show Star Trek, the name they used was" PADD"."

References, please. I didn't see the last couple of seasons of Voyager, and only the first season of Enterprise, but no previous series uses the term 'pad' or 'padd'. Are you referring to a tricorder?

Maybe the recent 'reboot' movie used the term, but most assuredly none of its big-screen predecessors did.

Oh, and Spock's blood type is T-negative and the phaser rifle was seen in only one episode. Majel Barrett was the only cast member to play the same role on all TV series (and no, it wasn't Nurse Chapel).

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by jck In reply to Star Trek TV show???

DeForrest Kelley played Dr. McCoy (later Admiral) on ST:TOS and ST:TNG, which were all the ones he appeared on.

For Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, it was the voice of the computer...but, Nichelle Nichols did do the voice of the computer on one episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series...which was a single season series

As for the phaser rifle, was it on the episode with Sally Kellerman?

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That was 'Where No Man Has Gone Before',

by CharlieSpencer In reply to er...well...sorta

the second pilot that also guest-starred Gary Lockwood (before he didn't make it to Jupiter. Sucks to be him in an SF role).

Damn, I didn't know that about Nichelle on the animated series!

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by seanferd In reply to Star Trek TV show???

It is one of those acronyms they came up with, this for the hand-held tricorder & clipboard replacement.

Just as LCARS is the acronym for the post-TOS UI on the computers.

Not that I even have a clue as to what FigNewton is on about.

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Thanks for the memescavation!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Ref

Let's just say, probably not where the iPad got its name :)

And that was my associative replacement, too, fignewton, that is.

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It's a touchpad

by NickNielsen In reply to Thanks for the memescavat ...

Using the iPhone and iPod as precedent, iPad was pretty much a given.

Pity, Fujitsu used it first.

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I'm ok...

by thoiness In reply to The name PADD & Star Trek ...

That you think your max iPad is a cool name for Apple's device. Between that, and the slim design to match your girlish figure, your milkshake is bringin' all the boys to the yard.

On another note, is this like the 5th time you've mentioned 12 year old boys in the past few days? I think you might want to see someone about that.

On yet another note, I appreciate the depth of love, that you would become so enamored with me, you would dedicate an entire thread in my honor :)

And oddly enough, I'm also ok with not knowing that the word PADD was used in Star Trek shows

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