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Don't buy Wintergreen Systems products...

By caestelle ·
I knew better than to buy from them, but it was a good price. I purchased an LCD monitor from them in December for my parents and I sent in for the $80 rebate over three months ago now and I have yet to receive it. In the meantime I have been doing some research on this and I have found that this is a common thread(I should have looked before I bought). I am in the process of trying to figure out the status of the rebate, but I am not getting anywhere. Just thought I would let everyone know, in hopes that it would save someone some trouble.

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Office of Consumer Affairs

by BFilmFan In reply to Don't buy Wintergreen Sys ...

I would contact the office of Consumer affairs in your state.

Then the county and state attorney generals.

And then the postal inspectors.

None of those folks seem to have much of a tolerance for fraud.

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Good Call

by Synthetic In reply to Office of Consumer Affair ...

Rebate "fraud" actions by law enforcement has become more common place. I tried to get to their site to find the state of operation, but there site is down past the initial home page. Thanks for the heads up!

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research before you buy:

by Dr Dij In reply to Office of Consumer Affair ...

reseller ratings rates this store at 1.67, (out of 10, average for all stores is 7.19)

based on 33 reviews. The first review is someone unhappy they didn't get their rebate.

even major sites like dell pull cr*p. type in and read the dis-satisfied people before you buy from any major site - dell, hp, gateway, tiger direct, etc.

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Wintergreen Rebate

by Jane_Edwards In reply to research before you buy:

To let everyone know Office Depot is making good on the bogus Wintergreen rebates. After 3 denials from Wintergreen on a $90 HANNS-G monitor rebate,I got an apology, a check, and a $15 discount coupon from Office Depot where I bought the monitor.

Jane Edwards
Portland, OR

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Not everybody's that lucky

by martypdji In reply to Wintergreen Rebate

I emailed pcconnection, where I got mine, a bit over a week ago, and I just never heard from them, no reply. I can't really fault them, because they didn't screw me out of the rebate, they just advertised that wintergreen was offering it. So I don't expect anything from them, just thought I'd try. I'm pissed at Wintergreen, not them. But I haven't heard from them at all.

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pc connection came through for me and are crediting it themselves

by martypdji In reply to Not everybody's that luck ...

Last post I mentioned that while duped by wintergreen, I figured I'd just try the place where I bought the monitor. I didn't hear anything for about a week so I figured that didn't work. But today I got an email from them ( saying they will honor the rebate and credit my charge card for the $100. I was happy and also suprised. They didn't have to do that and I wasn't expecting it because it was Wintergreen's fault for originally saying they were giving the rebate, not the retailer. But it looks like pcconnection is taking care of this.

Which, although I never had a gripe with them anyway about this cause it was someone else's offer, really puts them high up on my list of "good" retailers., along with (I remember seeing on here), Office Depot, and whoever else had to handle this themselves cause Wintergreen decided not to honor the rebate, all are ones I'll remember as good places to buy things because they stood behind their offers, even when it was another party offering them.

This is an excerpt from the email I received:
"Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the continuing delays with Wintergreen Systems
regarding the rebate associated with your purchase of the Hanns-G
monitor. PC Connection Inc. has issued a credit for the full rebate
amount directly to your credit card on 05/01."

So I'm happy now. But still disgusted at Wintergreen for making false promises that started this whole thing.

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by shlalaw In reply to pc connection came throug ...

My $100.00 monitor rebate has been "on hold" for five months. My numerous e-mails to Wintergreen were useless. I finally called the vendor (PCConnection). All I had to say was "Wintergree," and give them my order number. They immediately credited my credit card. Thumbs up for PCConnection! Broken thumbs for Wintergreen.

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Power in numbers

by williamgel In reply to PCConnection/Wintergreen

I find it comforting and disturbing at the amount of people who have experienced problems with Wintergreen Systems.

I have been fighting them since January when PCConnection told me a contract between them and Wintergreen Systems was cancelled and they would honor me rebate directly.

Since then I've been working with the Best Business Bureau, to no avail.

Seeing how there are many here who have been scammed too, this indicates this is a premeditated fraud. Those who are willing to be part of a signed petition, to be passed on to the FTC, USPS, and FBI, are welcome to contact me at It's time to put these guys out of business!

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by Roger99a In reply to Don't buy Wintergreen Sys ...

Some guys at work are having the same problem with Soyo on a "free" motherboard deal. I bought a $25 PCCHips board and it's as stable as any I've ever had.

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Collecting on rebates

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Soyo

Many vendors seem to have a difficult time paying these in a timely manner, if at all. I read that CompUSA was recently ordered to pay.

Craig Herberg

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