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    Don’t forget about hardware when creating your DR strategy


    by Selena Frye ·

    What role did hardware procurement play in the development of your organization’s disaster recovery strategy? Do you feel it should have played a larger or smaller role?

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      Maintenance costs

      by maven64 ·

      In reply to Don’t forget about hardware when creating your DR strategy

      The number one factor in your TCO will be maintenance over the long haul. One way to handle these costs is to sign a short term agreement and then self maintain. The distribution of errors falls clearly on the tape device itself. These devices are repairable at dramatically reduced costs comapred to a service agreement. However a quality 3rd party outfit needs to be selected to insure your units quality as well as to insure short turnaround times or advance exchange capability. 2 of the largest data wharehouses in the U.S. currently utilize these services for legacy equipment and have had sucess in TCO reduction.



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