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Don't judge the end-user

By svilla8874 ·
I work for a large engineering firm and about 90% of my users are highly educated. Many are brilliant at what they do. What they aren't brilliant at is why I have a job.

I thoroughly enjoy doing deskside for these folks because I've been able to demonstrate that what I do and what they do isn't a competetion. I don't think they should know how to resolve most of the situations I'm called in to resolve any more than I should understand what they do with the software I'm called in to fix. What I have been able to do is earn their respect for what I do.

I think a lot of that starts from my no-fault attitude. I don't much care about the cause of the problem until I've resolved it. Then, based on the end-user's tolerance, I can work with them on prevention. Support professionals frequently fail is when they think they're smarter than their users or that "they should know better". In my case, I'm certainly not smarter than they are. What I am is skilled in what I do, just as they are skilled at what they do and I show respect for that.

I spent a few years as a system admin (everything from AD to Exchange to SAP Basis) and found that I really enjoy the interaction of my users more than I enjoyed making the systems work.

I made a consious decision to 'step back' to end-user support.

I've landed in a place where what I have to opportunity to touch a wide range of technologies to feed my inner nerd as well as the human interaction I enjoy.

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