dont know?

By ndelorme04 ·
hey there can anyone help me i have installed xp pro corporate edition and done it while windows was up i did not do it at start up and well now it wrote over the old OS and still see's it now i have very little room on my computer's HD i let my kids play on it and now there is a virus that knocked out internet and i have tried everything to get it back up it see's the connection but there is nothing there when i try click on IE, i tried reinstalling the xp pro now there is a duplicate copy, i have tried to run disk at start up and nothing thought that perhaps that it is because it is a dvd and so i have tried to make a cd boot disk and my drive does not want to see either even thought i have changed around the boot sequence. i have a reinstall disk it boots but then when it is done installing what it needs to do it goes to a blue screen and says error reading something like if there are any other options could someone please help me thankyou.

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Option #1: To the right of your Comma key is a Full Stop.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dont know?

If you had used it occasionally, together with a SPACE after it, your post would be a lot lot easier to actually read.

If I've deciphered this correctly, you have now got 2 working installs of XP Pro, each co-existing on your hard drive.

Firstly, I suggest you go into the BIOS and alter the boot setting so that you can boot from the optical drive, then try installing from boot. You have tried before but perhaps didn't SAVE & EXIT.

However your main problem is going to be in identifying WHICH installation to delete. If they exist in identifiable partitions, this should not be too much of a problem.

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And if this is correct

by seanferd In reply to Option #1: To the right o ...

You should be able to choose which XP installation to load at boot.

The new installation probably is not yet configured to access the internet, while your previous installation probably is.

If the system is infected with malware, you should probably try to remove it It may also prevent you connecting to the internet. Run scans with your antivirus. You can also download and run the free version of this for starters.

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Well I'll have a go but you haven't made it easy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dont know?

For starters you can not install XP from within XP it doesn't work that way unless you have a Virtual Machine Software loaded but it will not do your HDD Space much good.

Now I'm getting confused XP Pro comes on a CD not a DVD only M$ Vista comes on a DVD so where did this Disc come from and what exactly is it?

The Recovery Disc that you have works so I'm assuming here that whatever the other is it's not correctly made.

As for the BSOD that you are getting when you use the Recovery Disc what does it say? This is important as it tells you a Specific Error Message and that is what is needed to find out what is going on here. It's no good saying this Happens but I couldn't be bothered reading the message that it gave me because I don't understand it. There are over a million possible Error Messages that you could get with a BSOD so without knowing exactly what it is, is hopeless here. Though if you are getting error messages saying that a File is unreadable or missing and this file changes between different installs this can be the result of Mismatched RAM being used in the computer. So have you added any RAM to this Computer? It could also be that one Stick of RAM has gone Bad here as well.

But what you need to do here is if you have added any RAM to this computer is to remove it while you reinstall Windows and then when Windows is installed you can refit the RAM.

If you have not made any changes from New you need to test the RAM with MemTest 86 available here

And then replace any Faulty RAM as required.

Ideally after messing this up so badly it would be ideal to wipe and reload from scratch. To do this you need a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke available here

Then use your Recovery Disc to reload your computer.


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