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Dont let IT ruin your company

By Neil Higgins ·
IT staff alone should not be allowed to "secure" the company from impending disaster.Dont trust them with the money.Read more here:

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I've never understood....

by jdmercha In reply to Dont let IT ruin your com ...

Why is it that Business managers are capable of running IT, but IT managers are not capable of running a business?

I find it highly insulting.

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Here we go again

by BHunsinger In reply to Dont let IT ruin your com ...

Hire an MBA with risk management training. Cut the IT budget in half. Hire interns and recent college grads, and then complain they don't understand the business aspects. Then outsource security to the lowest bidder. GAAAAHCK!!!!!
While I frequently butt heads with the security folks in here that want to lock it all down all the time, this jerk makes me want to puke. Technology is too important to let the people who understand it run it- just like production, safety, etc.

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Oh look it's another Gartner report

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Dont let IT ruin your com ...

I aren't goint to read this one , all the others have been complete self serving bollocks.
IT people haven't had the power to dictate to business since the PC and possibly before.

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Another self-absorbed suit

by gralfus In reply to Dont let IT ruin your com ...

His mantra seems to be:
"Security for a company consists of a firewall; slash IT to the bone and hire a college kid to run the firewall." But he still managed to spend a billion dollars on it. Must be a **** of a firewall.

"Stop being so technical and allow the business to become totally integrated with security"
Can anybody tell me what that means? What the heck does that mean? I have users that don't know how to power off their computers, but they are going to have integrated security magically happen. Documents won't be shredded accidently, blueprints won't walk off the site, USB drives won't be used to store company secrets, ...nah, security will just be there magically.

How about "I don't have to understand TCP thingies, just make it work! And have a cure for cancer by the end of your shift, moron. We business graduates don't have time to wait around for you tech-dorks. Geez!" McFly! I thought I told you not to come in here anymore.

He sounds like another "suit" who wants to be quoted and hired as a consultant.

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NA that bunch of junk

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Another self-absorbed sui ...

Doesn't qualify as a Consultants worst case of cost cutting exercise. It is just ridiculous.

I loved the case he quoted of Z?rich cutting their IT expenses from 2 Billion to 1 Billion and that covers Hardware, Software and wages they have outsourced the Security meaning the main server farm to some country with no Privacy Laws and lost control of their data. Brilliant Step that one is. :^O

What I want to know is how much is it costing them in Down time and lost Data? Not to mention recently a case where one companies Data was being sold on the Black Market by staff at the outsourced company who have no responsibility to secure the Companies Data. And he then goes on to talk about inside security without considering the risks involved in the company that they have outsourced their main front door to.

If Z?rich is still spending 1 Billion to run their Firewall which is only the bare minimum in the way of security firstly I want a job there where i can get over paid for very little work and I'll make sure that I never insure with any company associated with them. It would be safer walking around with a bunch of singed blank checks falling out of my pocket as I walked along.

Col ]:)

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init clueless (Pot, Kettle, Black)

by master3bs In reply to Dont let IT ruin your com ...

So he says we're supposed to let inexperienced newbies fresh out of college take care of firewall security. He then implies that IT people's minds are so cloudy they can't understand anything outside their area.

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

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A very odd study

by Neil Higgins In reply to init clueless (Pot, Kett ...

By another "name hacker".Look at me,I'll spout crap,just to get noticed." Certainly not trusting the IT department is asking for meltdown.We're I work,I too have people who have problems logging on,let alone understanding what a firewall does.Okey,get rid of the techi staff,hire a college kid,get em to mumble router,Linux,integration to the upper management,and you might as well be quoting Shakespeare.

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No you're not

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to init clueless (Pot, Kett ...

As far as I can make out what technical people Gartner does have wouldn't last as a first line junior support tech in a place with no IT.
Whinge like **** about tech's who 'pretend' to know business and then they are guilty of the same stupidity being business heads who pretend to know tech.

Experts! People who know nothing about anything else and yet think there expertise suffices in all other subjects.

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Now be fair Tony

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No you're not

Expert come from the Latin where when broken down means the following X = the unknown amount & Spurt is nothing but a Drip under Pressure. So what this so called Expert really is , is a Dumb Bar-steward who is constantly under pressure to reduce costs so he can justify his outrageous Pay Rises and associated Perks.

Of course as stated in another Thread Trojans are hitting the Cell Phone Market so the outsourced Firewall will be responsible for stopping those as well right? :^O

Col ]:)

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Now be fair Tony

Every article I've seen by these guys has been lacking from a technical point of view. Haven't really figured out whether they are dumbing down for their audience of they are just f'ing stupid, but everytime I subject myself to one, my response is usually Huh ? or possibly Eh?.
Hope they print this stuff on nice soft paper, at least it will serve a purpose then.

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