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Don't limit it to Windows approved signatures

By Deadly Ernest ·
because much of the software that needs to be loaded will NOT have MS Windows logo signatures. For the home user, the most common thing they will be loading is their games, patches and upgrades - few now have the MS digital signatures. The system should not be limited to being just another way for MS to charge people.

It would be good to log in as Administrator and create a list of approved software suppliers that can be loaded by ordinary users. I know if I could include Blizzard in such a list then most of my games could be loaded as user and doing patches etc would be simple.

Anyway, I doubt it will be a problem for me or most of my friends for some time. Those that want or need Windows are staying with XP as we don't like what we have seen of Vista so far - too many unwanted fancy bells, whistles and 'features' that cause trouble.

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Totally agree

by w2ktechman In reply to Don't limit it to Windows ...

but that means that our jobs will be replaced by the newbies

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No one's doing that

by georgeou In reply to Don't limit it to Windows ...

First of all, Windows doesn't force you to have signatures unless you're talking about drivers for Vista x64 edition.

Second, do you really think it's a good idea to run code on your system that you don't know if it's been tampered with or who it's from? Windows logo certification isn't a basic certification that ISVs should pass. It's like a basic driver's license for writing and distributing code on Windows. The mechanism is there for your safety and it?s like a seat belt. You don?t have to wear it, but you should.

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