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Don't miss the HUGE half-price sale - ALL items up to 50% off

By maxwell edison ·
That's right - ALL items are up to 50% off - some even more! But be advised, the sale won't last forever.

Computer, software, automobile, energy, retail items - ALL 50% off.

Oh, not the items themselves, but rather the companies that manufacture and market those items.

If you're a bargain hunter, opportunities are all around! Don't miss the HUGE sale.

My purchases: GE - ADSK - TGT

And I'm strongly considering buying a car......
......... part of a car company, that is - GM.

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Heh! Thats good Max. NT

by Dumphrey In reply to Don't miss the HUGE half- ...
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Contrarian Max :)

by JamesRL In reply to Don't miss the HUGE half- ...

I agree on GM, if you are looking for a mid-long term investment.

GM isn't in great shape at the moment, but they have taken their lumps some time ago, and have been working to fix them for some time. They have heavily invested in improving their lineup. They laid off workers to improve their bottom line. They made good agreements to control labor costs going forward.


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Agree on GM

by maxwell edison In reply to Contrarian Max :)

Long term. Have you seen the news that they're standing firm on their plans to sell an electric car in 2010?

Public interest alone will double the price of the stock from where it is today.

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I've been thinking about that myself

by AV . In reply to Agree on GM

At $4.76 per share (something like that) and with their new Volt, plus a chunk of $25 billion from the government to retool, it could work out quite nicely when things recover.


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Add to that

by Tig2 In reply to Agree on GM

GM has been having conversations with both Ford and Chrysler regarding merger possibilities. While I would prefer that they merge with Chrysler, I think that it could be a good deal.

Sleepin Dawg made the point a few weeks ago- Warren Buffet is looking at the current stock market as an opportunity. I'm trying to keep that view myself.

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On being a Contrarian

by maxwell edison In reply to Contrarian Max :)

I think you might agree that with almost all situations and circumstances, regardless of how bad it might be (or seem to be), there's an opportunity (or opportunities) somewhere. Following the herd doesn't usually lend itself to see them clearly.

The correct strategy is to usually get off the road travelled by the herd, and get on the one that will take you to the opportunity. Not only will that road pay dividends, but it also avoids all that stress caused by fretting over this or that.

The market takes a dump and most people panic, usually expecting the worse, so they bail out - thus triggering an even greater drop. On the other hand, what a great opportunity to buy two shares for the price of one!

Have you ever noticed that when there's an increase in unemployment, most of those unemployed usually all follow the woe-is-me herd and cry in their beer together? Avoid them like the plague, look for the opportunity (or opportunities) that ARE out there someplace, and you'll probably be better off in the long run.

Remember when oil was increasing rapidly, hitting about $130 a barrel and gasoline was pushing $5 per gallon? People were panicking, selling their trucks and SUVs, believing - and even repeating - those $500 per barrel predictions. Well, the smart people bought those SUVs at a great price, and are now buying gas for $1 per gallon less.

The global warming/climate change herd is another example. They're being led down a certain path led by panic and fear. It gives reason to be extremely skeptical.

Yep, I suppose I'm a Contrarian. And as soon as the majority of people join me being contrary to a certain herd mentality on any given issue, I'll change my position!

(Edited to add stuff.)

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Trust me

by JamesRL In reply to On being a Contrarian

I'm not suggesting that being a contrarian is a bad thing.

I think thats where the real money is to be made. It does take a strong constitution.

I don't have the money to sink in right now, but if I did I would. It is true that things may go lower yet, but they could just as easily rise. Doubtless, 2 years from now your investment will pay off, even if we haven't bottomed out yet.


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. . . . not suggesting that being a contrarian is a bad thing . .. .

by maxwell edison In reply to Trust me

I know you didn't mean it as a bad thing. In a way, you probably meant it (in this case) as a good thing; at least that's how I took it.

Even if people don't have money to invest, for those who've seen the value of their 401(k) accounts drop 25-30 percent over the past year, they can see the opportunity (be a contrarian) by realizing the money they're currently contributing - if left alone - will buy even more shares than would have otherwise been purchased, since the price per share is lower. As a result, when the market does recover - and it WILL recover - they'll be better off in the long run.

The only ones who might be adversely affected are those who planned to retire in the next couple of years. But if they have lost value, they only have themselves to blame, since they should have pulled most of their investment out of the stock market. When my retirement is within my five-year sights (which it's not, at this time), 90 percent of my savings is coming out of the stock market. If I were at that five-year point right now, and I saw this drop just before I pulled the trigger, I'd probably delay those retirement plans by a few years - maybe even shifting my investments into a more aggressive fund for a short term, hoping to recover the losses a bit quicker.

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You've got that right!

by Tig2 In reply to Trust me

We are taking a critical look at our current portfolio and considering what would be the best purchases at the firesale that has been Wall Street lately. Buy low, sell high. Unfortunately, many have forgotten that wisdom.

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GM up 25 percent in one day

by maxwell edison In reply to Contrarian Max :)

ADSK up 10 percent

TGT up 4 percent

GE down 1 percent

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