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Don't overbuild, overspend on failover servers

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Does your disaster plan take into account the distinction between applications and app servers, or have you simply created complete failover clones of your frontline hardware and software combinations? Do you agree with Mike Talon that failover systems can stretch their resources by distinguishing between servers and applications, or is this simply a budget-crunching gamble? Share your comments about the critical distinctions between servers and applications in DR planning, as discussed in our Oct. 12 Disaster Recovery newsletter.

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Virtual Servers

by nosreppih In reply to Don't overbuild, overspen ...

I think this has raised an excellent point in DR planning.

I have assisted several companies in this type of exercise and have found that the use of VMWare has enabled those clients to run multiple application in their own environment but still within a single system, so overcoming the potential problems of conflict between applications.

Bearing in mind the low cost of a single well specified server, multiple processors and lots of RAM, this is now a real way practical option.

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