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Doom port 666 outbound WinMX

By Curious-as-always ·
Last night my good-old Atguard firewall warned me that an outbound session was trying to "leave" my computer towards an (as I found out later) ip-adres in New York.
The application who was trying this was WinMX, Atguard named this port "doom (666)".
Strangely enough a day earlier the same WinMX was trying to establish an outbound ftp session to another ip-adres (have not traced this one yet)
Should I be worried that my WinMX is infected with a trojan?

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port 666

I did a search for port 666 and WinMX and all I could come up with was that 666 is the port for the OpenNap network that comes as part of WinMX. But also, port 666 is related to a game called Doom from id software ( which i think is the reference to doom (666) from your firewall. So it seems to be a sort of multi player game port. I am at a blank. Please reply with any more info.

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Thanx for the input

by Curious-as-always In reply to port 666

Thank you for replying
youre "search-journey" was correct.
First I thought that doom 666 was some kind of trojan, but a port for the Opennap network makes sense here.
I suppose I reacted too paranoid.
Hope next time my topic will be more interesting

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