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    by 92gmctruck ·

    I have this old laptop that is running a dos program. iit has some tech files that i want to save on a disk. it has a floppy drive ,and a serial and parralel has a 2mg ram,60 mg hard there a program that will save the info for me on another disk? thanks Ray

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      by kinetechs ·

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      If the files are smaller than 1.4MB then they will fit on the floppy. Use the DOS “copy” command e.g.

      copy c:\file1.exe a:\

      If they’re too big for a floppy, a parallel port ZIP drive will work great.

      Another thought is to get a copy of LapLink 3. It’ll let you transfer the files from one PC to another over the parallel port.

      Good luck,

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      by c.caffee ·

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      If you are able to remove the hard drive you can then add it as a second drive to the system your trying to copy to. copy files, replace in laptop. all done..

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        by 92gmctruck ·

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        i tried the first answert but all i got was either bad command or file name’ or too many parameters

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      by rcom ·

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      As mentioned you can remove the hard drive and install it into a normal PC but you’ll need an adapter. IEC in Colorado offers them online for a reasonable price.
      They also carry laplink cables for parallel or serial.

      The “too many parameters” error means that you had a typo in the command line.

      First find the file(s). If they are located on the root of the C drive use the directory command to find the file(s).

      When you’re on the root of the C drive the prompt will read:


      To see the contents type “dir”

      If the files are located in a Directory of the C drive you need to include that in the path of the copy command. So if the files were located in a directory named “myfiles” you would change to that directory first using the change directory command “CD” type the following.

      C:\>cd myfiles

      The prompt would now read:


      Now type the copy command

      C:\MYFILES\>copy c:\filename a:

      Another example would be if there’s more than one file and they’ll fit onto one floppy. You could use the switch *.* to copy everything in the directory.

      C:\MYFILES\>copy *.* a:

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