Dos and Multi Program shortcuts

By onlinegeek101 ·
Im trying to make a shortcut to run 2 programs wiht one shortcut. I am doing this using batch files and dos type input. I cannot seem to figure how to get dos to run one application then continue the batch program to run the next. If i quit the first program i run then it continues the batch but i dont want to exit the program im trying to run in order to have it work( thats basically counter productive). Does anyone know how, or what the code would be to have dos run 2 programs consecutively with out ending the program that u ran originally. And if not does anyone know a different way to get to programs to run off a single shortcut. Thanks in advance.

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Start command

by bart777 In reply to Dos and Multi Program sho ...

Use 3 batch files.

The first file has 2 START commands in it. Each of these command launches another batch file to start each of the other 2 programs.

I've done this in the past to do multiple file copy windows. I don't see why it wouldn't work for 2 other programs.

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That is Correct !

by gladhatter In reply to Start command

Unless something changed over the years I I am more forgetful that I think I am you cannot start two programs with out three files and one short cut to kick off the one file that kicks the other two off.

You can use packager type program as well to launch many files at once.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much

by onlinegeek101 In reply to Start command

that helped so much i cant believe i didn't think of the start command sooner lol i just kept plugging away with the call command and wasn't getting anywhere. Im not that thorough in dos yet but im young and planning to go to college for computer engineering so ill learn lots :) thanks so much you were a big help.

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