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dos and windows XP

By jchopek ·
I recently purchased a new computer running XP. I found that older dos based programs cannot be run under xp, as they could under 95 and 98.
Is there a way to install dos in windows XP?, or will dos be incorporated into XP in future versions or updates?
Anu help will be appreciated.
John Chopek

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by djent In reply to dos and windows XP

If you have a MS XP OS disk you can wipe your drive, create a DOS partition and install it. Then create an XP partition and install XP. You get a boot menu at startup to choose which OS you want to load. If you have an OEM restore disk you will NOT be able to partition the drive or install multiple OSs.

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no dos for XP

by mrjay67 In reply to dos and windows XP

Just another tidbit of info. M$ will not be comming out with DOS for XP. That would be the exact opposite of what they are doing. I havent heard(albeit supprisingly) that many problems with Dos programs in XP. What likely is happening is that thesoftware is old enough that its trying to access hardware directly and thats a big NONO in NT. You may have a simpler recourse by right clicking on the programs icon(may need to be the .exe and not just the shortcut) and you should find an option to run under compatibility mode. Try putting it on Win95(as im sure DOS is not an option). IF this simple option doesnt do it than you may need to create a DOS partition like the first post said.

Hope this helps


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