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    DOS Apps in Windows 9x / Screensavers


    by craiggee ·

    I have a dos application running full screen in windows98. I have applied allow screen savers under the misc tab of the pif. however I can not get screen savers to be allowed to kick in over the dos application. When I run the application in a “window” format instead of full screen, and then click on the Maximize icon (full screen compass looking thing) It allows the screen saver to work, however 1/3 of the times that the screen saver gets interrupted I get ghost windows on the task menu, itried it soley with a MS-DOS prompt icon. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at

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      DOS Apps in Windows 9x / Screensavers

      by blackcurrant ·

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      This may be a problem between the MS-DOS application and the version of (i.e. incompatibility with) the display driver. Have you made sure the program can operate under Windows, will the screen resolution affect it? Does the manufacturer have any tweaks that you can apply? etc..

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