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By fatriq ·
I have a very important software, which used to work on DOS 6.2 - subsequently when I changed it to the win 95 environment, it still continued to work beautifully. When I obtained a new PC with the win 98 environment - this dos program does not respond - even though I run the program on pure dos mode without the involvement of windows. what should I do to get it running?
Can I load a dos 6.2 on to C and then install this program on c:\dos\myprogram\.... ?

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by Michael34 In reply to dos based software

You could try that, however I never tryed it and don't think it would work. The program should work in DOS mode with Windows 98 though, as I have lots and lots of programs that require DOS and run fine on both 95/98 and 2000.

The thing is Windows uses DOS, and whatever version Windows 98 installs is the version on your PC. If you change that, then Windows may not work right or stop working all togather. I would contact the program creator and see if they have a patch or any updates for it.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to dos based software

You should check the file system. I think that DOS programs will only run with FAT16 (FAT32 is also an option under W9.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to dos based software

if it worked on win95, you can get it to work on win98. it has been a long time and i don't have win98 in front of me but you make a pif for the executable and modify the pif properties...check out the mskb for articles on getting dos programs to run. you may have to tell it to run in DOS mode worst case...

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to dos based software

OK, the reality of life. 95% of DOS programs that worked in Win 95 work in Win 98, however the DOS in Win 98 is NOT a full DOS and not all the DOS commands and processes are supported in the standard Win 98 cut back version of DOS.

The default format setting for Win 98 is FAT 32, many DOS programs working through Win 95 and Win 98 have no problem with this as the Win 9x o/s usually gets the file and then feeds it to the DOS prompt screen. If your program was a straight DOS program it is likely trying to access direct and can't read FAT 32.

Only way I have seen this problem overcome, when it appears, is to reformat a drive FAT 16, load DOS 6.3, then load your application. Then load Win 98 to dual boot from a second drive. Or to redo the application in a Windows compatible language.

For best service I would retain and older PC with just DOS 6.2, the application and just sufficient other stuff to allow it to be seen by the rest of your network to transfer data back and forth.

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