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    DOS Card and Socket Service?


    by jeffl ·

    I am trying to create a boot disk to boot a ThinkPad 560X that has an external CD-ROM drive that connects to a IBM PCMCIA card.

    I’ve created the boot disk but need to copy “DOS Card and Socket Services” to the disk and then continue with the Autoexec.bat and config.sys configurations before it will recognize the CD-ROM.

    Where can I find the files for DOS Card and Socket Services support on a Win9x or WinNT box?


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      DOS Card and Socket Service?

      by techpundit ·

      In reply to DOS Card and Socket Service?

      For DOS, one solution I am aware of is Card Wizard Pro from SystemSoft. They seem to have the market for PCMCIA Card Services software pretty well to themselves.
      It is possible that if you poke around on the IBM website, you will find thenecessary software in the ThinkPad section. I have a ThinkPad 760XL myself and IBM’s website is first class for support. I have seen them provide “enabler” programs for PCMCIA cards as part of the standard software. If the PCMCIA card is an IBM card, the drivers should be on the website. Their documentation for installation of drivers and related programs is very good too.
      Let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for, along with a description of the IBM PCMCIA card (model number especially).

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      DOS Card and Socket Service?

      by bob.greenwald ·

      In reply to DOS Card and Socket Service?

      Try the support pages at IBM – they have complete files for the Thinkpad line, and should be able to provide the Socket services you need under DOS.

      This is long, but use this link to get to the thinkpad support home…

      Then select your model, scroll down to the PCMCIA section, and grab the file for DOS.


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