DOS Command ROUTE an IP through a different gateway

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I have a VPN that connects two locations. One is 192.168.10.x and the other is 192.168.11.x.

I need one computer within 10. to see one device over the VPN. The trick is the default gateway on 10. is not the VPN router. Its a different internet connection. This was set up by the previous network admin and they used CMD> route add command to route the IP request for this one device over the VPN gateway.

I tried to recreate the command but always failed. Anyone know what it would be?

I was trying


and I get

The route addition failed. The specified Mask parameter is invalid (Destination & Mask) !=Destination

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you need to route to a destination network, not a destination address

by robo_dev In reply to DOS Command ROUTE an IP t ...

route add MASK METRIC 1

you want to go the the network, and the .33 address is part of that network

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Try mask

by darwinvelez In reply to DOS Command ROUTE an IP t ...

Try mask or leave mask as it is and try instead

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