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DOS commands for deleting the OS

By chelly24 ·
In reinstalling the OS (XP) I need to go to DOS, and use a series of commands to delete the existing OS, they are catagorized as (MOV) commands. I need the commands so my os can be reinstalled and that there wont be two OS's on the same hard drive.

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by BV2 In reply to DOS commands for deleting ...

XP by default installs an NTFS file system. As a result, DOS commands won't work. Boot from the XP CD, delete all partitions, create a new partition, format it, and install XP.

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by TheChas In reply to DOS commands for deleting ...

What is the problem that you are having that causes you to desire to reinstall XP?

As answer 1 stated, unless you specifically setup your drive as a FAT32 volume, DOS will not see your drive at all!

Have you tried booting from your XP CD and performing a REPAIR installation?

A repair installation will not cause a second session of XP to be installed.


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by Juergen Hartl In reply to DOS commands for deleting ...

I agree with prev answers.
If you really want to delete XP (on NTFS) from DOS you can use Fdisk.exe.
Delete all unknown partitions (NTFS is unknown to DOS) and XP should be gone.

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