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    DOS prgms not running.


    by r_prakasan ·

    I am runnig a novell Server. In the login script of novell, I am running a DOS program. When users are logging into the server from Windows 98 machine(client side), it is opening a DOS winodow titled ‘NWLSCON’ and runs. But some of the machinesit is not happening. When this DOS window comes it gives an error of illegal operation and ask for reboot the machine. This is happening only when the user is logging in the first time, ie if he loggs off and login again the problem does’t occur. Kindly give me a solution for this

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      DOS prgms not running.

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to DOS prgms not running.

      it actually sounds like the systems are not shutting down cleanly the night before.

      if there is something hanging in a swap when it boots it could throw the error. since win isn’t loaded rebooting clears the glitch from the swap file and it bootsno problem.

      try booting those machines to only command prompt and verifying that there are no hooks left from the shutdown the night before or shut it down and reboot after the user has gotten logged in and up and running, see if it throws the error then also. if not then it could be as simple as cmos battery being dead, the system clock wouldn’t stay in sync with the server then, which would also throw an error. best way to try, full power down of the workstation for an hour then reboot. iferror given it could be both. a reboot from up and running state doesn’t give error it is probably the battery. ($5.00 part)3 minutes to change.

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