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Dos Printing in Win98

By nxt1hd ·
I need to know if you can print from a DOS program that sends the request to the LPT1 port and have it sent to a remote network printer, the network printer is set up on the same computer to use lpt2: port, can the print jobs be forwarded from lpt1 to lpt2? The remote printer is not a shared is direct on the network with it's own ip address.

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by jschein In reply to Dos Printing in Win98

sure.. make a .bat file on that machine to run in the startup...

Inside the .bat file, put this information:

net use lpt1: \\\share name or
net use lpt1: \\

That way, every time the system starts up and gets logged in, it will automatically connect lpt1 to that i.p. address / printer

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by jschein In reply to

ok.. sorry.. 98 / 95 uses the 8 character assigining for network useage...

need more details on your "networkable printer"...

Does it have a built in rj-45 connector or is it hooked up to a print server?

If it is just on the network and not shared from a local pc... it will not work.

You can add that printer through the network from a server or pc that is always on, then go in and SHARE that printer from that server or pc...

you would then use:

net use lpt1: \\computername\sharename

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by jschein In reply to

Never heard of such madness with the win.ini file.

I know if that printer is shared off of a print server box, you can map straight to it. But if it is just a plain jane network printer, it must be shared from a machine that is mapped to it...

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by nxt1hd In reply to Dos Printing in Win98

I did try the above..with no avail, This is what I used {NET USE LPT1: \\} I got an error 'The syntax is incorrect'

Windows 98
The network printer is not shared from another computer it is direct on the a jet direct card/ip address.

anymore help?

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by nxt1hd In reply to Dos Printing in Win98

okay..I see, thats what I was thinking..that it needed to be shared from another computer. It is a built in network card in a laserjet printer(HP jet direct card)it seems odd that if a printer has a host name and ip address that this cant be done, someone else told me that if I edit the WIN.INI file I can redirect the print job from LPT1 to the current windows printer...I'm not sure how to do that. Did you ever hear of that?

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by serginho In reply to Dos Printing in Win98


It?s supposed to work like this:

net use lptX \\server\printer

where "X" is (preferrebly) 1, 2 or 3, "server" is the name of the computer that holds the printer queues and "printer" is the share name. This is eazy to find. Just check the Details under Printer Properties at any PC that is windows-printing to that printer


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