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Dos printing with client 32

By tommilynn_1 ·
In a dos program, no print job comes out of the printer unless I exit the dos program.
I am running a dos program under Windows XP on a Novell 5.1 network. It is a non NDPS printer set up with a queue on the Netware server. All printing from this workstation works fine exept this program.
I have the printer captured to lpt1 through client 32.
I know there is a trick to this... any help?
I remember in win95 I could change the pif file to make these work, but I can't get it to work in XP.

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by BudTheGrey In reply to Dos printing with client ...

Some DOS program open the LPT port as a "file", and don't close it until they exit. With directly connected printers, this wasn't a problem, but with network devices, it can cause the problem you are seeing.

There was a capture setting called "timeout" that didn't make it to the GUI version of capture. At a dos prompt, try this:

CAPTURE L=<lptport> Q=<queuename> nb nff nt ti=10
CAPTURE L=1 Q=.myqueue.myorgunit.myorg /nb /nff /nt /ti=10

/nb == no banner
/nff == no form feed after last page
/nt == don't translate tabs to spaces (very important with windows)
/ti=10 == after 10 seconds of no data, chop of the job and print it.


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by pvnrao In reply to Dos printing with client ...

In a dos environment and with novell network ,user
setup , location of print queue (volume or drive
where it is assigned),rights for the user on that
area of operation ,login-script for all the necessary mappings and a line with capture command
denoting therein the print queue name sould set right the access problems. The login-script for
example might be :
if login_name = "xyz"
map r f:=volume1:
map r g:=volume2:
map ins s1:=f:\dir1 (dir1 where dos o/s is copied )
capture/q = printq1 /nb /nff

note:before end you can also specify any batch file eg : exit "sample.bat" to do your required
jobs automatically whenever you login with the
specific user_id.Also minimum rights on the volume
should be "read", "write","create","erase","modify","filescan" to have printer access.

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by NetwareGuru In reply to Dos printing with client ...

I've seen this with older clipper apps...

Capturing inside of Win2k or XP doesn't work, so....

Make sure that you are either running a dos capture statement in the script or are using the integrated capture (in client 4.81 and above).

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