Dos Program print job sent to share printer problem

By lanx16 ·
User A has a Dot matrix printer installed in her LPT1 directly. The printer is shared out for others use. Hence, User A is able to print both windows and dos based prg.

However, user B wish to share n use User A's printer. After add the printer into user B's LPT1, user B is able to print windows based prg but unable to print dos based prg...

If you understand the problem and have the solution, pls help me here...

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Redirect LPT1 from B

by Chris72a In reply to Dos Program print job sen ...

Got this at a client and works well,
Redirect B lpt1 to the share then the dos app will still see lpt1 but windows will redirect.

USE Something like (on B)

from a command prompt.
net use lpt1: \\pcname\printername /y /persistent:yes

Should get you out of trouble.


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Thank you so so much

by lanx16 In reply to Redirect LPT1 from B

It worked and the problem is solved..! many thanks :)

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How to Dismount the LPT port now,

by ansar In reply to Thank you so so much

How do i dismount the LPT port, which has forwarded to the shared Priner..

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