DOS USB Driver for WD drive

By johnself ·
Warning I am a novice so you'll have to your replies have to be able to be understood by a non-techie.

I have a 1 TB WD drive that is dying. I bought spinrite to fix it, but I can't get it to recognize the external drive.

Is there anyone kind enough to walk me through the process of getting it fixed. I haven't used DOS in years either so have a hard time navigating through that.

My PC is a Dell XPS 1530 Laptop dual processor.

I have tried a number of different remedies and consequently gotten a number of different error messages that would take to long to list here.


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by tintoman In reply to DOS USB Driver for WD dri ...

If your external drive is "Dying" why are you trying to "fix" it? surely you would do better to try to recover the data from it as quickly as possible assuming you can still read it from your computer.
What are the symptoms which lead you to conclude that it is dying?

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There are a few reasons

by johnself In reply to Confused

Ideally, that would be the ideal situation but I don't have anywhere to store 1 TB of information at the moment.

The drive has been acting strangely lately sometimes not being recognized, sometimes I could not boot my system with it plugged in to my USB port. I had attributed this to Vista, but lately I've gotten a few "cyclic redundancy errors", which both Western Digital and internet sites have told me is a definite sign the drive is dying.

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If you're a novice...

by dpalsen In reply to DOS USB Driver for WD dri ...

The best option is to simply spring the $100 for a new drive. Novices and fixing hard drives don't mix, and I've never found software that will bring a drive back around to fully reliable status. I grant that it may be a fair chunk of cash for you, but better a bit more money down and a reliable drive if you value your data.

There are a number of places you can find old IDE drives for $40-$50 for a drive up to around 200GB. Could you downsize this far and maybe save some cash that way?

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