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    Dos6.22 problem getting into system


    by trinib ·

    Hello and I’m so happy I found this forum. I have an old ms3.1/dos6.22 computer and it’s crammed full of dos games one of which is Relentless a.k.a. Little Big Adventure which I decided to play again for the millionth time (after a lonnnnnnnnnn hiatus). I played a bit at the beginning but had to abruptly stop to help someone last week. I left the cd in the cd tray when I got off the machine. Oh, my machine begins in dos, not windows if that’s important. So I decided to play in earnest today and discovered I’d goofed leaving that cd in (of course I removed it but too late). Machine tells me boot disk (oh the olden days of boot disks) failed and I should insert system disk. I’ve no idea what that is! Have I done something irreparable? I’ve never been a techie type except I used to know a lot about mem management, and that was IT (in dos) and so many years ago. I tried using setup but frankly don’t remember how to use it if I ever did so just escaped. In the hope that someone here will remember how to clean up the waters I inadvertently muddied, I’d be forever grateful. Trini (my first sad post)

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      Might try downloading a bootdisk

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

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      and make yourself a bootable diskette, then make sure you have the same files on the hard drive.
      Look at, read instructions, etc.
      Though FIRST, see if you can enter BIOS setup and make sure your system is set to boot from hard disk drive and not CD, diskette. Still might be a good idea to have a bootdisk handy!

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