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    Dot Matrix printer not printing


    by gogranny1220 ·

    I have a dot matrix pin fed label printer. A label got jammed in it and when we got it un-jammed it will now not print. It will advance the paper but will not print. It keeps saying “out of paper”. Which it is not.

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      by gogranny1220 ·

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      It’s quite possible you have something jamming the mechanism that detects

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

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      the “last sheet” of paper. Or when it jammed, it has the internal switch stuck in the
      out-of-paper position. You may be able to clear it by removing the platen (the “roller”)
      and checking for obstructions. Used to get this situation on an old OkiData printer I
      used to print pre-gummed labels. Depending on make and model of printer it may
      be a simple or complex removal. OkiData’s are pretty easy, just a couple of levers
      and pull straight up, out the platen comes. You could probably find a good diagram
      using your favorite search engine (Bing, Google, Ask, Yahoo, etc.)

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      There is a sensor inside the unit that is nonfunctional

      by hal 9000 ·

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      It’s either a Micro Switch held in the No Paper Position which means the lever on it could be bent of jammed or it’s an Optical Link where a label is stuck over the light or receiver and breaking the circuit.

      Depending on the Make & Model of the unit you’ll need to find it’s Service Manual and work from there. As suggested above removing the Roller if it’s an easy option is the way to proceed here but unfortunately with a lot of Modern Dot Matrix Printers doing this requires the complete dismantling of the unit. If that’s the case in this instance replacing the Printer may be the cheaper option.


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