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    OK this may sound like it is a bit out of date , the company I work for has cash registers running windows xp sp3 , the automatic updates is turned off so it has been some time sense it has recieved regular updates . NOw here is my problem I need to install 1.1 sp1 on about 60 registers via remote log in when I atemt this update it will get to then of the status than roll back adn not install , so I check the event viewer adn get a error 1603 which is a msinstaller error a. I have researched that issue and i unregister and reregister msinstall problem solved . Now when i atempt to install I get a 2711 error what I have found says to uninstall dot net 1.1 and reinstall it so I do that , than dot net 1.1 hangs on registering
    System.EnterpriseServices.dll what I* have found tell me to disabkle IIs but on this network those services are not installed . any help would be greatly apreciated thank you in advanced

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