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    Dot.Net vs. J2ME


    by razi.sharir ·

    Debating between development environment/methodology using MS .net vs J2ME. Any pointer to public white papers, preferably “none biased” will be appreciated, thanks!

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      Dot.Net vs. J2ME

      by md_hashim ·

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      Dot.Net vs. J2ME

      by rudolph.schubert ·

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      As a BETA ONE of .NET I am biased — BUT — both are an interchangable entity.
      is MSs site.

      You must define your question better.

      If you are attempting to exchange data across the internet… You must determine the OS platforms the majority of your clients will be using.

      Remember, JAVA needs a VM.

      .NET generation can produce Java, JS, ASP, HTML, DHTML, XML, etc. Intranet communications is inherent in the framework.

      White papers directly related to the pros and cons of each system could not possibly be entirely Unbiased.

      Only you know your needs.

      There are many sources for the individual benchmark testing of each system.

      But, if you are looking for a development platform that consistsof one environment and methodology;
      I do not recommend this.
      You could develop the project in paralell across both methods. Only time will tell.

      All my IDEs are across many languages. We use the appropriate language for the need and requirement.
      .NET or JAVA; whatever the need.

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      Reply To: Dot.Net vs. J2ME

      by muthukumar.g ·

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      i am not sure about the meaning of your question – you want difference between .net (cf) vs J2ME or .NET with J2EE..?

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