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Double Data Rated Memory Problems begone!!

By swgoldwire2546 ·
I thought about writing this thread regarding my experience with hardware installation.

I started thinking about adding more memory to the 1024 megabytes of DDR-SDRAM already installed on my computer. One day last week, I proceeded with the installation.

I have two memory modules, one 128 megabyte DDR PC 2100, and one 512 megabyte DDR PC 2700. I went along with my preference for the 512 megabyte DDR memory module, because of the compatibility.

After shutting the computer down and turning the standby power supply switch to off position, I opened up the computer chassis and installed the memory module into the last available slot on my motherboard. I seated the memory module correctly in the slot secured by clips to prevent chip creep.

I closed up the chassis, turn the power supply switch to the on position, and powered up the computer. Windows XP booted successfully to the logon screen, and then. . . BOOM! I was faced with the fatal exception represented by the blue screen of death!. The memory dump has begun!

I restarted the 'puter. Twice after the fatal exception, Windows XP booted successfully and I was able to logon to the desktop. After 20 minutes of idling, the fatal exception (blue screen of death!!) appeared and the memory dumps began again. I thought to myself that if that fatal error occurs again, I am removing the memory module to fix the problem--maybe the module is faulty.

So I shut the 'puter down, set the standby power supply switch off, opened the chassis and retrieved the memory module from the motherboard. Before the mishapp, I noticed the memory count on the task bar tray on the bottom of the screen, courtesy of FreeRAM XP Pro, version 1.40. It registered 1007 megabytes of the 1536 megabyte(1.5 gigabytes) installed. After I retrieved the module, the readout was 525 megabytes out of 1024(1 gigabyte). (the readouts are average.)

I thought to myself while examining the problems with memory--possible faulty memory module, or maybe the page file on the hard disk drive was not sufficient. I cleaned the memory module contacts with alcohol--perhaps the memory module was not faulty at all. Then I decided, before I install any more memories to the 'puter, I increase the page file size. the page file is usually 150% to 300% the size of the current memory installed. (Example: if I have one gigabyte of memory installed on my 'puter, the page file would have the minimum 1.5 gigabytes to the maximum of 3 gigabytes.)

I right click on My Computer, scroll down to Properties, click on the Advanced tab, under the Performance heading I click Settings. I clicked the Advanced tab in the Settings dialog box, and under the heading Virtual Memory I see the current page file minimum amount of 1536 megabytes, or 1.5 gigabytes.

I click on Change, and under the Virutal Memory dialog box, I saw the virtual memory page file size for my hard disk drive--the minimum 1536 megabytes to the maximum 3072 megabytes. Under the Custom size radio button, I changed the size of the page file, at the minimum 1536 MB to 2304 MB (2.25 gigabytes); at the maximum 3072 MB (3 gigabytes) to 4094 MB(3.998 gigabytes). I wanted to hit the max of 4608 megabytes(4.5 gigabytes), but I hit a page file ceiling of 4096 megabytes (4 gigabytes). Ouch. Anyway, I set the max page file size just two megabytes short of the ceiling.

I rebooted Windows XP successfully, and I noticed after running PerfectDisk 7 on my computer that the page file had increased. I then could add the 512 megabyte DDR SDRAM memory module to the motherboard.

After installing the memory module in the motherboard memory slot correctly, making sure it is seated well into the slot, I closed the 'puter chassis, turned on the power supply standby switch, bootstrap the 'puter to Windows XP. Success at last--my 'puter is running without a fatal hitch! My memory count is on average 1008 MB and system performance has substantially increased.

Had I started with the page file sizing before adding memory, at least I would not have experienced the fatal exception (blue screen of death!) scenarios these three times due to page file faults and/or other case scenarios.

What was your experience with system performance upgrades and memory? Your responses and feedback is greatly appreciated.


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