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Double installation of XP

By broozer ·
Just a dumb question here for you. My niece ran Microsoft's Anti-Spyware on her PC after I emailed her a link to download it. It turned up, would you believe over 300 items to be removed. She removed them and then it kept asking for a missing file called wintools and her cable modem would no longer connect. She tried to repair it after putting in the CD but it wouldn't work, or she didn't know how to work it. She then decided to reinstall Wndows XP home, but unfortunately did the wrong thing and now on booting she gets a dual boot screen asking if she would like to boot XP or XP. The new installation works ok and connects to the net fine, and is asking to be activated. The original installation still has problems, but is already activated. She wants to remove only the non working installation and keep the other. Is there some way of doing this. I said she would need to format and start again but she would rather keep the second installation as she knows it's working ok. Any suggestions?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Double installation of XP

With that many spyware programs active, I'd advise her to nuke it and start over. Once she connects to the activation site, it will pick up her already submitted registration info.

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by broozer In reply to

Thanks for the help. I thought this would be the best plan for her. I was a bit concerned about the XP activation though as I understood you were only allowed to reactivate it 2 or 3 times before MS stopped letting you do it. Too expensive to run out and buy another copy if it stops working. Thanks again BFilmFan.

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by dmiles In reply to Double installation of XP

How to remove a XP when two XPs are installed on the same partition.

It's vital to accurately identify two items that relate to the XP you wish to REMOVE:
a Its installation folder (we will remove it).
b Its line in the bootfile Boot.ini (we will remove that line).

1. Create and test a Rescue Bootdisk for your current situation (1 floppy disk).
2. Boot to the XP you wish to REMOVE.
Uninstall any software/application that are specific to this XP only.
3. Boot to the XP you wish to KEEP.
Note its position in the Boot Menu.
4. Go to Start > RUN. Type in (and then press OK).
Now type in, and then press [Enter]
echo %windir%
You will see the name of the Windows folder you are using and wish to KEEP.
5. Backup and then edit Boot.ini (see on this page)
to remove the line referring to the XP installation you wish to REMOVE.
6. Reboot. Make sure it boots directly to the XP you wish to KEEP (no Boot Menu).
If not, restore your backup of Boot.ini, and start at step 3 again.
7. Use Explorer to identify and RENAME the Windows folder you wish to REMOVE.
8. When all is satisfactory, DELETE the renamed Windows folder you wish to REMOVE.
9. When all is satisfactory, create a new Rescue Bootdisk to reflect your new situation.

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by broozer In reply to

Wow excellent answer. Sounds a bit harder than I was hoping for. Just wondering how do you make a Rescue Bootdisk in XP? It was easy enough to do in win 98 but I haven't seen an option to create one in XP. If she can't follow the instructions ok for this I might have to make the hour drive out to her place to see how much damage I can do to her PC myself. Thanks for the help.

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by willcomp In reply to Double installation of XP

I agree with BFilmFan that a clean install is optimal.

Two comments:

1. Wintools is a spyware/adware program and there was an orphaned entry in startup items after program was removed. Could have been easily fixed using msconfig.

2. Inability to connect was caused by spyware removal affecting winsock and is quite common. There is a repair utility available (winsockfix.exe) that will easily and quickly repair sockets.

Just thought you might like to know.


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by broozer In reply to

HI Dalton. Thanks for the info. I thought the Wintools file might have been something suspect as I did a search on my XP installation and didn't have one of these files installed myself. Winsockfix.exe sounds like something I will need to remember. My cable modem wouldn't connect all last week till I removed and reinstalled the whole thing a couple of times. Don't know how to use msconfig to get rid of orphaned entries so I will need to look that up to see how to do it. Thanks for everything.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Double installation of XP

my hat is off to your niece. well done. the only thing she did 'wrong' was to place the new xp installation in another folder other than the original one. an excellent instinctive move imho. so that is just to clarify what dmiles is saying. the %windir% varialbe (slick) is what tells you which folder is the 'good' one. so basically she boots into her new xp and deletes the old folder. i belive old folder is 'windows' and new folder is whatever she named it, like newwindows or something. have a look.
the other part of this is getting the entry out of boot.ini. boot.ini is a test file used by nt boot process. a hidden system read-only text file located at the root level of the hard disk. turn on Folder View so you can see hidden and system files and file extensions. you will see it at c:\boot.ini gray-out looking. right-click boot.ini, pick copy. right-click blank area in folder pick paste. you will then have boot.ini and copy of boot.ini. then right click boot.ini and pick Edit. you will see both entries same as you see at boot time. find the one that looks like it is NOT going to the new os that works (the bad one will probably point to windows folder and the good one will point to whatever she named new folder like newxp or xphome or newwindows. get her to look. don't get it wrong tho and won't boot without some hair pulling. that is why others uriging you have original xp installation cd at hand.

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by broozer In reply to

HI Sgt Shultz. "I KNOW NOTHING" much about this type of stuff but this forum seems to be a great place to find out. Thanks for your help and your explanation. I will forward all these answers to her and keep a copy for myself for future reference. If she can't handle it I might have to have a try for her, so that will be an interesting little experiment. At least if it all goes south a format and reinstall will fix it so there would be no harm trying this as a learning experience.
Thanks to everyone for all the help. Much appreciated.

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by broozer In reply to Double installation of XP

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