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Double-Safe mode in Windows 98

By Hitman Geno ·
In my career as a desktop and network support technician, I have run across a lot of instances where no one quite knew what to do or why. When Windows 98 came along, several of us decided that cases like this could be resolved by booting 98 into safe mode and then booting again into safe mode without a normal mode boot in between, then running an error check (scandisk in windows) on the hard drive.

On my current job, although I've proven to them many times over that this works for many "odd problems", I'm questioned on why this works. I've explained my personal/professional theory. But, the skeptics keep coming...even after using it themselves with great success.

Have any of you had any experience with this method of clearing those "ghostly" problems? If so, what is your theory on why it works?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Double-Safe mode in Windo ...

well, pretty early on, i decided myself that booting into safe mode, then normal shutdown, then regular mode seemed to fix many flakeynesses. i always figured the registry was getting groomed somehow that way and years later ran across mskb article confirming that. registry gets cleaned of duplicate and invalid entries and i don't know what all...but never heard of or tried the dual safe mode with scandisk in between. and i thought i was the compulsive (smile). thanks for posting.

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by Hitman Geno In reply to
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by Hitman Geno In reply to Double-Safe mode in Windo ...

Sgt Shultz,

The scandisk actually comes after the second safe-mode boot...while in it the second time. I think your answer actually explains to me more of why my method works.


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by Hitman Geno In reply to Double-Safe mode in Windo ...

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