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Double standard -- hypocrisy at TR

By jardinier ·
While many everyday, socially acceptable words are asterisked out of existence in discussions, when I am waiting for a post to register I am confronted by a banner advertisement which glaringly asks:

"Does your job suck?"

Personally I find that word -- in the context in which it is used here -- far more offensive and vulgar than many of the words which are excised from discussions. For example, jd was not allowed to use the word w_h_o_r_e which has been an acceptable word in the English language for centuries, with an etymology tracing it back to several old languages, including Latin.

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by neilb@uk In reply to Double standard -- hypocr ...

We're a bit stuck with a US censor. I would like to post the recipe for one of my favourite savoury dishes but I suspect that it will be asterisked by the Post Police.

OK, we got the URL through...

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That should be censored

by DMambo In reply to Americanisms

Any recipe consisting of pig's heart and liver is offensive enough!

Why two of the world's major religious groups couldn't even touch it. :)



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Those same two religious groups

by neilb@uk In reply to That should be censored

are forbidden to eat a bacon sandwich. No god could be that cruel.

(That's an English Bacon Sandwich with proper back bacon and brown sauce and not that crispy crap served over your side that you can sharpen an edge onto. You have to put lettuce and tomato with that stuff else you'll cut the inside of your mouth.)

You guys aren't big on offal are you?

Saute lambs kidneys with wild mushrooms...
Calves' liver and smoked back bacon...
Braised stuffed pigs hearts...
Steak and kidney pie...

The last one is too much. I've got to go and have lunch before I eat my keyboard.

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sheeps heed an' stottie cyek

by gadgetgirl In reply to Those same two religious ...

calves foot jelly
potted brawn
livery n'onions

oooh! oooh! and black pud!

pass your keyboard Neil, I've eaten mine and I'm still hungry now!

translation of title reply available here:

(totally disassociated from NITS (tm) for the purposes of clarification within the UK)


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Oh that goes well,

by Old Guy In reply to sheeps heed an' stottie c ...

with my breakfast I'm eating... where is the vomit, uh emesis, basis or at least the emoticon????

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Warning! Intense nostalgia trip!

by neilb@uk In reply to sheeps heed an' stottie c ...

My Dad used to make pig brawn, especially in the lead-up to Christmas, and when I was big enough to see over the top of the table he would let me help pick the bits of meat off the boiled head and pick the whiskers off with my little fingers.

Happy days!

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Mexican food

by tryten In reply to Those same two religious ...

Maybe you havent had REAL mexican food. And anywhere in the U.S. north of Houston does not serve real mexican food, they serve that americanized garbage. I am talking about the good stuff with tounge, tripe and all the mixin's. I have had some REAL Tamales where My buddies mom boiled up a cows head and used the meat and other remnants as the filler. That was the best tamale ever.

Ron White said it best when he was making fun of Cincinatti for claiming to be the Chili capital of the world. "**** Juan can kick your a$$ with a goat and an onion..."

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by douglashead In reply to Those same two religious ...

mmmm Steak and Kidney Pie!!!! WANT

although I must admit my favourit dish is Lamb's fry, or for those outside of Aus, or uneducated Lambs Liver! So good!
Cows tongue is also quite nice *nods*

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Okay..that's funny

by maecuff In reply to Americanisms

is it wrong that I found that hilarious? Am I insensitive? sister is gay and that doesn't bother me, so I guess it IS just funny. I don't know if I'd eat it or not.

as far as censorship goes..what makes the f*cking difference?

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Well, that explains a lot

by Old Guy In reply to Americanisms

No wonder it's hard to understand you guys sometimes. Eating stuff like that has to have some kind of terrible effect on a person. Yecchhh. :)

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