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By cordelkl ·
How can I remove doubleclick from a system?

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one site

by James R Linn In reply to doubleclick

To go to for any of these issues is (counter exploitation). It has reviews of software for stopping popups, removing spyware and other nasties. Its a non-profit site, has links to software(most of it free), discussion groups etc.

When mycompany began to monitor the internet traffic we saw some amazing things - 24 hour a day internet usage from some desks for example. Turns out we had a few spywares sitting on users desktops, collecting surfing data and forwarding it off to a spammer. I went to CEXX to diagnise the problem, find the software and remove the problem applications.


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quite easily!

by brian_coffey62 In reply to doubleclick

D/L Ad-aware from or most other good download sites. It's freeware and I use it regularly, out of necessity unfortunately. It will detect and cleanly remove doubleclick and many other similarly insiduous little programs from your system. You will need to run it manually I'm afraid as it cannot be scheduled (at least on the version I'm using). I am constantly amazed at how many spyware components it finds on my system. I'm now getting into the habit of using it after every browsing session.

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Look into Ad-aware

by MC_User In reply to quite easily!

I can attest to Ad-aware. I have version 5.0 (release 5.82)and have it set to do a scan every time I boot up my PC. Definetly worth checking out at

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Re: Ad-Aware

by Chuck Akeley In reply to Look into Ad-aware

I can attest to Ad-Aware also. After recently downloading it from ZDNET, it was glad to find only two offending files were detected. One was some sort of MS Internet Explorer file, neither directly refernced Norton Anti-Virus. So, after saving a backup, just in case, I deleted and rebooted. I spent the rest of the night using my Windows emergency disk and HP System Restore (which basically failed) trying to regain acces to my computer. I could not get Ad-Aware's backup file to reload. I also discovered, to my great disappointment, that Ad-Aware's supposed uninstall program did not exist (neither on the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" or in the actual program file subdirectory. Whatever file it was that I deleted, prevented the computer from loading because Norton Anti-Virus 2002 could not initialize. I spent the night deleting and reinstalling and updating NAV and resetting menus, fonts, etc. My advice regarding Ad-Aware - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - I WILL NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN. Thanks!

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Consider PestPatrol from PestPatrol Inc

by psj In reply to doubleclick

Having "Ad-aware standard" (a free multi spyware removal utility for parasites/scumware detection by Team Lavasoft) at one's disposal is far better than having no countermeasure at all. This applies even more to "Ad-aware plus", the commercial version of this program. However, as can be concluded from the very name, the approach is limited.

Glancing an eye over, e.g. these Web pages the different variants of the citation: "Free may turn out to be costly" can be noticed constantly.

Sometimes it's more comfortable to learn from other people's experiences -- this applies especially to negative ones. Maybe one can learn from other's positive experiences as well. Please feel free to consider my approach on this particular issue.

I acquired a program with a more holistic approach than that of Ad-aware some eight months ago. During the utilization this product [PestPatrol(tm) from PestPatrol, Inc.] the solution has proven reliable, useful and easy to use. The manufacturer has further developed the product itself, as well as "pests' signatures" and product features' update and technical support facilities admirably. PestPatrol Technical Support is the second most responsive I've met so far in meeting the user's demands promptly.

This product gives the whole additional protection needed against "parasite software code" or "pests" to supplement firewall, antivirus and other countermeasure products in detecting, identifying, quarantining and cleaning malicious code as well as stops [and removes] executing malicious code from running.

The product and its manufacturer have clearly met and even exceeded my expectations. Good bargains -- from the buyer's viewpoint -- and bundled products' offers can be found improving the already excellent price/performance. An acquisition either way -- PestPatrol gives versatile protection for a minimal investment.

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bye-bye techrepublic/doubleclick

by Teamug In reply to Consider PestPatrol from ...

The last straw, my only clean email now compromised.

Not only does the Tech-Rep site sponser doubleclick ....

Web-bug below
"Once, Domain, TPCookie (id=8000001842cd8e2)**0server_0602.gif" ........

it apparently also allows them to send out spam using member details .... the URL "" goes direct to doubleclick

Part of The offending email.......

"X-Apparently-To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Return-Path: <>
Received: from (EHLO (
by SMTP; 12 Jul 2002 20:18:55 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from uucore9pumper1 ( [])
by (Postfix) with SMTP id 1F01427A68C
for <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
Message-Id: <>
From: TechRepublic Delivers <>
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: New .US domain from Go Daddy, #1 in net new names!
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 22:59:09 -0400 (EDT)

>For TechRepublic Members Only?a special offer from <b>Go Daddy</b>.<BR>
If you prefer not to receive special offers from TechRepublic, please click below:<br>
<a href=""></a><br>
You are currently on our mailing list as [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx].<br>
href="img">"><img hspace="10"

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Try this

by c-plus In reply to doubleclick

OptOut - A clean and simple Spyware Detection and Removal tool for Windows. Many software now contains the Aureate (Radiate) "Spyware" software that sends some statistics on your computer use into a central server, to be used for "Marketing".

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OptOut -- RIP, get PestPatrol instead

by psj In reply to Try this

Pls see the citation (below) from Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation's Web page and more details at

Pls see also "Consider PestPatrol from PestPatrol Inc" on this discussion page. PestPatrol(tm) from PestPatrol, Inc. gives versatile protection for a minimal investment.


"Our trusty program did its job,
but now it's time to move on...
by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation

In Summary: All copies of our OptOpt program have now expired and OptOut is not being renewed. I am working on a very different and even more important new program (the GRC NetFilter) and Lavasoft is offering "Ad-Aware", the leading, free, spyware detector and remover.
Here are the details:

What Happened With OptOut?

Thanks to your support, an incredible 2,617,384 copies of OptOut were downloaded during OptOut's one-year life. This helped to bring a great deal of public attention to the rather extensive OptOut web site which, in turn, brought a tremendous amount of pressure to bear upon the purveyors of Spyware systems.

The Spyware vendors responded by creating their own spyware removing tools (which none had troubled themselves to do before OptOut). They added clear and comprehensive privacy statements to their web sites and into their spyware, and they revised the operation of their spyware to be more privacy aware.

The problem has not gone away by any means, but just the threat of a "full feature" version of OptOut succeeded in creating significant social change.

Finally, the German company Lavasoft picked up and ran with the OptOut concept, creating the excellent and completely FREE "Ad-Aware" spyware detection and removal utility.

Having brought about the social and implementation changes we were hoping to, and with Ad-Aware being comprehensive, free, excellent, and available, our job with spyware was complete."

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Try CookieCop2

by businessdynamics In reply to doubleclick

It's found on the PC Magazine site Excellent utility which allows you to block specific pages, use wildcards and turn all unspecified cookies into session-only cookies if you want to. Also stops pop-ups!

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by RSheasley.ADS In reply to doubleclick

You can easily do this with Ad-aware from LavaSoft USA. There is a free download and a paid version for removal of spyware, pop-ups etc. will link to the download sites

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