Down grading office 2007 to 2003?

By eclopton ·
I recently purchased 2 new systems form dell with office 2007(because they no longer sell 2003). I was told there is a way to down grade 2007 to 2003. We have many applications in 2003 and to maintain consistency we would like to stick with 2003 for the time being. Does any one know how to down grade to 2003? We have the 2003 media from other systems.

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You would have to be specific here as to what was meant by Downgrading

by OH Smeg In reply to Down grading office 2007 ...

However it is possible to change the Default Save option in Office 2007 and change it to save in the 2003 Office Format. This would generally be restricted to word which has the biggest changes though.

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Contact Dell or Microsoft

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Down grading office 2007 ...

Like Smeg said, Office 2007 can save documents to an earlier version (2003), but... that may not take care of your applications.

You'll have to contact Dell (or where you purchased the computers) or Microsoft to see if they offer a downgrade from Office 2007 to Office 2003 like they do for a downgrade from Vista to XP. Perhaps they even have an exchange program. No matter what, I would contact Microsoft and, at the very minimum, express your concerns about compatibility.

You might also want to check into volume licensing for Office 2003. That's how we get around the problem. We have the media for 2003 and simply purchase more licenses to install it on new machines.

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Reverting to 2003

by Travler92 In reply to Down grading office 2007 ...

Run the repair for office 2007 and modify the installation by removing the components of the office suite.
Install office 2003 over the top.
Remember to remove ALL 2007 components.

Good Luck

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by eclopton In reply to Reverting to 2003

i contacted microsoft. they where less than any help. the guy i spoke to knew very little english and there was a 1 hour hold to talk to him. in the end he said to send it back to dell and order 2003 from microsoft... our rep at cdw told me that if u purchase 2007 you have the rights to the previous version. the only one of our vendors we could find that sold 2003 was microsoft...

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That is correct as MS doesn't allow the Big Builders

by OH Smeg In reply to microsoft...

To sell old versions of product.

Office also doesn't have a backward compatibility License like the OS does so to remain Legal you have to buy new copies/Licenses of Office 2003 from M$.

That is why I asked what was exactly told to you as it doesn't appear to be correct and sounds like a salesperson who is either misleading of confused.

While you can load the Office 2003 Application from your existing Media and activate it maybe if you are in business and get audited M$ is going to hit you in the hip pocket for stealing their product and quite rightly so.

Contact the seller and demand the install copies of Office 2003 as that is the only way that you stand a chance of getting Legal Copies if you must use Office 2003. I'm assuming that the seller was telling you that you can alter the default display proprieties and saving option to mirror Office 2003 but wasn't actually telling you that you could install an older version of the product because this isn't legal.


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Just get the salesman on record saying you can get 2003

by Absolutely In reply to That is correct as MS doe ...

Then, charge your licenses to him/his company. If they're big enough to sell OEM software they're big enough to pay for their own mistakes.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to microsoft...

Try ASAP Software. They still sell volume licensing for 2003.

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The trouble with doing that is

by OH Smeg In reply to Try ASAP

The smallest Volume License that you can buy is 5 Site Licenses and there are only 2 computers involved here.

While it's true that you can buy an additional 2 licenses if you have an existing Volume License you can not buy a Volume License for just 2 computers and even the 5 Site Minimum would cost far more that 2 OEM Licenses.


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It should state

by IC-IT In reply to microsoft...

in your 2007 licensing agreement whether that version is downgradable. There is also a link here that talks on downgrade rights.

Offhand though it sounds like you have OEM versions which are not downgradable.

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by CookieOrc In reply to Down grading office 2007 ...

I ran into this same problem with XP and dowgrading to vista... This is how it was explained to me. If you have a VLK then you can substitue your OEM licenses for the ones on your VLK. And Microsoft will allow you to downgrade any of your Vista like software. I do not know if this applied to you if you do not have a VLK...

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