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    Down the rabbit hole of technology


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      First post: Gmail

      by timberwolfblues ·

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         I thought that I would start this first post out by describing my experiance with Gmail. Google has been an intresting compnay to watch lately, as they have taken common ideas and added their own little twists to it.

         Gmail is their foray into webmail. It is currently in it’s beta testing stage and requires either an invite from someone that already has an account set up or you can download Googles new IM client, Google Talk! and it will give you a Gmail account. It has a massive amount of storage currently weighing in at about 2.6GB. As of the time of this writing they offer the most in the way of storage and a clean, quick interface.

         Gmail checks for new mail very quickly and pulls up it’s other folders fast and easy. As for the archive feature you can put a star by your important e-mails and archive your less important e-mails for later if you think that you may need them down the road. There are two seperate views for the archived mail. Starred and all mail.

         The all mail will show you the starred as well as all the other mail that you have archived. Pretty cool I think. The speed and storage are very well done. Gmail also offers POP access which give it mucho points in my book. If you have a client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook you can easily set that program up to check your Gmail with their online step by step. Their lables and filters are a bit confusing as a simple set up dosen’t put it in a seperate folder but rather a little green label by your filtered e-mail in your inbox. A little more playing with it and I should figure it out though.

         Last but not least the spam filter has worked exceptionally well. So far it has required no training from me at all and has not caught anything that I want yet. All in all I am very happy with the speed and functionality of Gmail. It tends to lag or not load in other browsers such as Opera and Firerfox, and seems to be right at home in IE.

         All in all however it is a great webmail and POP service and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the business world or the general user. Gmail rocks!!

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