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By donkey ·
The donkey man thinks that Linux is a buch of crap and should die. Bill gate rules and so does Windows...


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Hey Guys !! Here's another one

by stargazerr In reply to DOWN WITH LINUX

of them ... Lets worship Bill Gates nutters ...


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Claim Refusal

by BFilmFan In reply to Hey Guys !! Here's anothe ...

Those of us who truly worship the Unholy One will not claim donkey amongst our membership...

Ia! Ia! Bill Gates fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Bill Gates Redmond wgah-nagl fhtaga!

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Great Cbillhu!

by apotheon In reply to Claim Refusal

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange ?ons, even Blue Screen of Death may die.

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This is one of those whatchacallitz, uh, you know, um, ...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to DOWN WITH LINUX

One of those big ugly suckers, lives in the mountains and, and, and under bridges, yeah, eats dwarfs and billy goats, uh, ...

TROLL!! Yeah, that's it! A troll!

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All Hail King Bill!!!!

by mjwx In reply to DOWN WITH LINUX

The Bill Gates worship program has stopped or is not reponding.

[End Task] [Cancel]

Nuff Said

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by apotheon In reply to DOWN WITH LINUX

Apotheon think that trolls are a bunch of crap and should die.

IQ dropping . . .
cannot resist troll suckage . . .
must not succumb to Windows zombie . . .

I hope that the next time some junkie addicted to the Microsoft smack thinks it's a good idea to claim Linux users are unreasonable, contentious trolls, he or she remembers this bright, shining moment in the integrity and rationality of Windows trolls. I'm talking to you, rickk.

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What we should do

by stargazerr In reply to DOWN WITH TROLLS

is build a script which Caps anyone who uses Microsoft and "a Positive expression" in the same sentence as ....... well you know, what ... ]:)

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