Downgrade laptop from vista to xp

By vsecord33 ·
Currently searching for a new laptop. What brands/models of laptops are compatible with this downgrade?

Thanx... appreciate the help on this...

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Why Downgrade?

by TheChas In reply to Downgrade laptop from vis ...

Why plan to downgrade?

There are still options to buy new laptops with XP installed.

Dell may have started charging an extra $50 for XP, but you can still buy a number of Dell models with XP installed.

Another source is They do charge a $61 premium for XP Pro versus Vista Home Premium.

Want other choices, check the manufactures web site for models you are interested in and see if they have XP drivers available to download.


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Many of the makers are still selling NB's loaded with XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Downgrade laptop from vis ...

I currently have a MSI EX600 here waiting to go out as a new supply and it comes preloaded with XP Pro.

Any of the Business Class NB's that the makers provide should have the option of coming with XP. So why bother messing around trying to find XP Drivers that may not exist?


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I wouldn't consider it a downgrade...

by jimmy-jam In reply to Downgrade laptop from vis ...

Most manufacturers still sell XP PC's but in alot of cases you have to call and request it because the option to configure the PC with XP is not available online.

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