Downgrade win7 to xp

By guptanvs ·
I have Genuine win7 professional product key. I am not like win7 i want to use win xp service pack3. I dont want to purchase winxp again. Same key i want to use in xp also. How to downgrade win7 to win xp. Please assist me how to downgrade by step by step.

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by Rob Kuhn In reply to Downgrade win7 to xp

There is no downgrade path. In other words you will need to backup your data, reformat and install Windows XP. Then reinstall your apps and restore the data.

The product key for Windows 7 will not work with Windows XP. If your computer came bundled with both then you should have the product key and media (it should be part of your system recovery CD/DVD's). If you do not have the recovery CD/DVD or if your computer was not one of the computers that had the option to install either OS then you may have to purchase a copy of Windows XP (they are still available for purchase).

All that said, what is the make of computer (Dell, HP/Compaq, Lenovo, etc.) and how old is it?

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The Windows 7 Backward License

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Downgrade win7 to xp

Allows you to remove the current Win 7 Pro and install XP any version but you need a XP Install Disc and Product Key. You can not use the Win 7 Product Key with XP as it's just not going to work.

If you have a Old XP Install Disc and Product Key you are quite entitled to install that but as stated above you first need to backup all your Existing Data then Wipe the HDD with a Utility like Boot & Nuke

http://sourceforge .net/projects/dban/files/dban/dban-2.2.7/dban-2.2.7_i586.iso/download

or Kill Disc

http://www.killdisk .com/downloadfree.htm
remember to remove the space from between the Domain Name and the .com or whatever for a working link.

Then wipe the HDD and use the Old Install Media to install XP. You can simply not use a Win 7 Product Key with any form of XP Install Media though. So basiacly what you are wanting to do is not possible but that in no way implies that you can not Back Load XP provided you have the necessary Items.

Though I should add that depending on your actual Hardware there may not be any XP Drivers available you really should check that out first before starting anything.


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Reponse To Answer

by greatnewproducts In reply to The Windows 7 Backward Li ...

Great call on the drivers heads up!!! most manufacturers are NOT making any XP drivers anymore for new machines, that means that if you don't have ALL your drivers for your particular brand/model, you are stuck.

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re: driver support

by Who Am I Really In reply to Downgrade win7 to xp

always check driver support before attempting to change the OS,

- this is where it gets weird

When the system is an OEM OS Pre-installed, off the shelf whole system,
they don't always provide driver support for previous OS versions
and a lot don't provide forward support either,

However, when the system is a custom build, using individual components,
- there are still a lot of Mfg. who make system boards and components with XP driver support
- the most recent system in my collection is an ASUS F1A75V-Pro m-board, with an A8-3850 APU,
the drivers Disc (in the box) as well as the drivers download site, provide both XP x86 and XP x64 support for the system, in addition to the win vista/ win7 x86 x64 support

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Why go back

by mjd420nova In reply to Downgrade win7 to xp

My clients are very happy with the WIN7 platform over the previously avoided Vista. When Vista came out, a majority of my contacts wanted their XP machines back but have welcomed WIN7. It is easier for many experienced users to jump right in and new users had no troubles, even found the guide better than most. Personally, WIN7 is what they had in mind in the beginning and is a straight forward approach with built in shortcuts to make things even easier.

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