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    Downgrading from Vista to XP Pro with Adaptec SCSI


    by jay.fowler ·


    I am attempting to load a new copy of XP Pro onto a Fujitsu/Siemens R610 Celsius which previously had Vista installed on it, and am having trouble finding the correct drivers to load from floppy with F6. Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion.

    The driver in Vista is called

    “Adaptec AIC-7902-based Ultra320 SCSI”

    but all of the driver sites I have found refer me back to Adaptec’s website, and I can’t seem to locate this particular driver when I search there.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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      by jay.fowler ·

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      by thechas ·

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      Your SCSI controller is embedded in your motherboard.

      It is an Adaptec 7902 controller and Adaptec does not appear to have drivers available to download.

      Very often for OEM level products such as embedded chips, the manufacture and computer company have agreements and the drivers are only availabel from the system manufacture.

      2 options:

      Enter your serial number on the Fujitsu driver page and see what downloads show up.

      Or, poke around on the Adaptec site and see what cards use the same controller chip. Then, try those drivers.


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        Thanks much….

        by jay.fowler ·

        In reply to Try here

        Your suggestion got the job done for me. I really appreciate it. Cheers mate

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      First which HDD’s are fitted here?

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Downgrading from Vista to XP Pro with Adaptec SCSI

      The Specifications of this list several different type HDD’s fitted and the SCSI ones only appear to be connected with a RAID Array so if you do not have a RAID Array you do not need this SCSI Driver.

      Secondarily as the AIC 7902 is a old SCSI Interface I’m not even sure that you need this as XP at the very least should support this Chip Set SCSI Controller I was using 7902 SCSI Interfaces back in the 98 Days and probably earlier so they should be in the Windows Install Disc already.

      So when you try to install XP what exactly is happening here?

      Also as the M’Board Data Sheet shows different Specifications to the Siemens Site you may actually have a SATA RAID in which case you would need the SATA RAID Driver and not the SCSI RAID Driver. As SATA Drives are considerably cheaper and can be much larger it is far more likely that you have the SATA RAID Fitted if you have a RAID Array at all.

      So what size are the HDD’s if they are above 147 GIG they can not be SCSI Drives as they are not made. You would require the SATA Drivers to setup a RAID Array here.

      Incidentally Sieman’s list XP as an option for this unit so you should be able to source a XP Install Disc from them that is Slipstreamed with the required drivers so there is no messing around.


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