Downgrading to XP Pro-32bit

By jrgeek ·
needing to downgrade from new HP OEM Vista Home Premium 64-bit to XP Pro 32-BIT. I was told just a DOD 5220.20-M (7X)wipe should do the trick then load XP Pro. Is this do-able?

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Start off by opening the Device Manager under Vista

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Downgrading to XP Pro-32b ...

And making a list of the drivers installed. Then search HP's Web Site for XP Drivers and if they don't have all of them search the Web for the required Drivers.

If you are unable to find all of the drivers then the Hardware that do not have XP Drivers will not work but as far as loading XP is concerned the advice you where given will work but you may need to include SATA Drivers.

I would also suggest Kill Disc if you don't have a HDD Wiping Utility

And if you need to Slipstream the SATA Drivers you can use nLite available here

Just remember to read the instructions here though

And then you'll can make your Own Slipstreamed Install Disc and include not only the SATA Drivers but them all as well as any Service Packs and so on that are required.


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One More Note

by TheChas In reply to Downgrading to XP Pro-32b ...

Smeg has covered the Windows XP retro-grade very well.

I presume that this system shipped from HP as a 64 bit system. If so, keep in mind that a 32 bit OS has some memory limitations.

The maximum address space for a 32 bit OS is 4GB.

The maximum usable RAM can be less than 3GB.

Just something to keep in mind if you find yourself with less RAM than is installed.


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