Downgrading win7 to xp error

By mckevitt ·

I am attempting to downgrade WIn7 home premium to Win xp as win7 is not compatible with an EPO client that we use to encrypt all of our laptops. Anyway the laptop does not have a Cd drive so I have made a bootable usb stick. I have started the boot process but I keep getting the following message

"Setup has determined that drive C: is corrupted and cannot be repaired
set up cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3"

I have therefore run self tests on all drives etc on the laptop and everything apperas to be ok.

I have done some research and have seen some information about Drive overlay programs. And that one may be installed on the C drive. Doe this make sense? If so how do I remove this issue? Can disk drive overlay be removed?



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You need to wipe the HDD with a Wiping Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Downgrading win7 to xp er ...

Because 7 makes the drive unusable by the XP Installer.

So you can use Kill Disc

http://www.killdisk .com/downloadfree.htm

or Boot & Nuke

http://sourceforge .net/projects/dban/files/
remember to remove the space from between the Domain Name and the .Whatever for a working link.

If you do not already have a Wiping Utility that the business uses.

Then after you have Wiped the HDD you can install XP to it.


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Reponse To Answer

by mckevitt In reply to You need to wipe the HDD ...

Hi col

Thanks for the reply. I havent had access to the laptop for the last couple of weeks and probably wont now until the new year. I will give this a go when I do next get access though.

I know that when Ive had he issue in the past I have just had to change a setting for the disk drive in the bios from (cant remeber the name) to ADHI or visa versa.

Anyway thanks allot.


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trying to help

by AnthonyITme In reply to Downgrading win7 to xp er ...

maybe the best solution is to buy or borrow a external optical drive that connects via USB and try to boot from the disk.

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Down, good luck

by Kenogami In reply to Downgrading win7 to xp er ...

Welcome to the world of MicroSoft. They are doing everything they can to disable any attemps to down grade. Everything that is happening is caused by MicroSoft. I no longer UPDATE XP. It's taking me forever to remove all updates without corrupting my system. MicroSoft has prevented me from re-installing Win98, yes, Win98. I'll go back to that system faster than I will go to anything newer then XP. Good luck on finding a solution. If you do keep us informed, Please and thanks

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