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DOWNLOA 10 classic clueless-user stories

By JodyGilbert ·
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From an IT Manager

by The Ref In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 classic clue ...

When we moved into a new building, he threw all the circuit breakers to try to work out was causing the power meter to spin so quickly.

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Mouse that kept failing... after being thumbtacked to the wall

by ttilley In reply to From an IT Manager

I was the IT suport manager for a retail clothing chain based in San Francisco with buying offices in NYC. Shortly after getting new computers in the buying office, one of the buyers complained that the mouse didn't work on his new computer. We sent him a new mouse - that again didn't work, and another one that again didn't work. My boss decided that someone needed to fly to NYC in person and see what the problem was. When I met the buyer he immediately started in about how the new monitor took up space on his desk - so in order to gain back desktop space he used a big push-pin thru the cable to pin the mouse to a cork-board when he wasn't using it and it always stopped working after that.

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by klinley In reply to Mouse that kept failing.. ...

Users never fail to amaze me. It is so important to visit the person to see what is happening. Many years ago I supported a client on an old Vax system. In those days 10 1/2 inch floppy disks were used for offline storage. I set up their backups and demonstrated the process to them. They then carried on. About three weeks later I get a call. They tried to restore from the backup disk but there was nothing on it. I walked them through the process again, and had them verify the disk. Backups are goog to go. I get a call the next morning, the backup disk is kaput. I tried it again over the phone. The next day, same problem. This is very strange so I go to their site and walk them through the process. I double check the disk myself, everything is cool. I am confident the backups will work the next day. As I am putting my coat on and talking to the manager, I happen to see the data clerk out the side of my eye, clamping the 10 1/2 disk to the side of his desk with a big magnet. Doh!

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Mouse that kept failing....

by mclehr In reply to Mouse that kept failing.. ...

Oey vay ish meir....(not sure if it's spelled correctly, but it sure seems like the appropriate response!!) This person shouldn't even have anything with a plug, being too stooopid!

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Num(b) LocK

by nell In reply to From an IT Manager

My favorite was a user who called to tell me her PC was "possessed". As she was trying to enter numbers in to her spreadsheet, the cursor kept leaping all over the screen with a mind of its own! Come to find out the Numb Lock key was turned off.

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The computer did it

by BigJelloSheriff In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 classic clue ...

The new receptionist called me and said her computer had suddenly stopped working. I checked on it and it was dead, no power anywhere. I crawled under her desk and spotted the problem. The computer and monitor were plugged into a multi outlet surge suppressor. She had unplugged the surge suppressor from the wall so she could plug in her radio, then plugged the surge suppressor into itself!
When I pointed this out to her, she denied unplugging the surge suppressor insisting she was working on the computer when it quit and it must have rewired itself.

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The computer did it (????)

by mclehr In reply to The computer did it

This person is simply too dumb to even possess a computer.

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Clueless IT Stories

by peterl In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 classic clue ...

Wonder if there ever was a collection of dumb acts *by* IT people when they deal with "end users". Like asking incredibly dumb business questions or making assumptions that make absolutely no business sense.

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Do you have Excel on your computer and other items.

by RossHowatson In reply to Clueless IT Stories

About three years ago General Motors changed the way that dealerships submit their financial statement to an Excel spreadsheet downloaded from an internal Intranet site.

When I asked the customer if she had Excel on her computer she said no but we do have it in the vending machine downstairs!

Can the complete software and data be taken off the IBM AS/400 and downloaded to my PC? The customer had only been using the IBM AS/400 for years and were closing the dealership.

I have also heard about putting 7 to 8 8inch diskettes into one slot on an IBM System 36 unit (5362 model). It never told the person to take the first diskette out!

Taking the diskette out of the jacket I have heard about. How about stapling a business card onto the side of an 8 inch diskette? Been there, seen the diskette.

Calling a help desk when the dealership is under 4 feet of water and asking if it is safe to turn on the computer so the parts department can sell parts (computer was floating in a room). I heard this years ago from someone else on a help desk. I guess no one knew of the formula of:
water + electricity(110V at 15Amps) = your goose is cooked.

The scary part is not that theses persons are driving vehicles on the roads in your town. The scary part is these individuals can produce offsprings. The bottom of the gene pool. The family trees don't fork.

The Darwin Award goes to.......

Ah but not to be outdone I must have done stupid things along the way, it's just that I have a good shovel and really great hidding places for the bodies.

It's sad and pitiful.

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cd-rom drive broken.

by tech In reply to Clueless IT Stories

I once had a computer out-of-the-box in which de cd-rom drive wasn't working.

When I took my screwdriver to check it out, I noticed a sticker with a message that opening the comp would void my warranty, and a phone numer to call when I have a problem.

The person on the other side of the line kept insisting that inserting the win98 cd in the player and reinstalling the whole thing would solve my problem.

I opened the thing while calling to him, and telling him that the ide cable wasn't even near the cd-rom player didn't make him change his mind....

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