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DOWNLOA 10 common SQL Server problems and solutions

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
This handy two-page list outlines 10 familiar SQL Server problems and an assortment of solutions. From "Out of Space" errors to a database going suspect, this list is great quick reference for every SQL administrator.

Download and review the list:

Then join this discussion and let us know if this download provides helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format or content.

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System Perspective

by josh.hoskins In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 common SQL S ...

This download is taken from a system perspective, not necessarily an application perspective. As many common problems are related to applications running on SQL not SQL Server itself, what common fixes do you find for application issues.

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Stored procedures

by erik.bronckaers In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 common SQL S ...

The point about the stored procedures is incomplete.
When a user can execute a stored procedure that accesses a table, the user does not need access to that table unless dynamic SQL is used.
If static SQL is used in the stored procedure, only the owner of the procedure needs access to the table not the executor. SQL Server will execute the SQL in the context of the owner of the procedure.
If dynamic sql is used, meaning string manipulation is used to generate the SQL that is executed using 'exec', than the executor needs access to the table because SQL Server will execute the dynamic SQL in the context of the caller (the executor). This way elevation of priviledge is prohibited.


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