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DOWNLOA 10 handy Windows XP efficiency tricks

By JodyGilbert ·
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After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

--The TechRepublic Content Team

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How To:

by stnoblex1 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 handy Window ...

If I really, really, really, wanted to download this item, where, and how, would I begin? Cannot find your key to downloading!
Thanks, Sam Noble

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Map Drive letters don't save

by cerec In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 handy Window ...

Very usefull, but, after a reboot the drive letters are not there. I there a way to save the drive letter permanently?

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System Restore Points tip

by duke.url In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 handy Window ...

Would this work under Windows Server 2003?

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How Do I Download Your Tips?

by stnoblex1 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 handy Window ...

You have a very nice site: however, for the life of me, I cannot find a way to activate your Downloads. It used to be that you had a clickable spot to start the download. Now, something has changed and I can no loner find this clickable place. The information in the emails you send me do not help, they only takes me back to the comment area. There seems to be no place to activate the download. Thank You ...Sam Noble

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Likewise... where is the link to the download?

by rpeaslee In reply to How Do I Download Your Ti ...

I don't know if the intention is to force us to search the page, but I also am unable to find the download for the article. Some are very clear, but others are like this one and difficult to find.

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Me Too!!

by hodkinss In reply to Likewise... where is the ...

I can't see a link either. Glad it's not just me having a bad day!

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Can't Download The Item Either - You'd Think ZD Would Comment or Fix This

by TBearr In reply to Me Too!!

Let's see, can't download. Tried with two different browsers (IE6 and Opera 9.10). You'd think ZD would have responded and/or fixed the problem by now.

And why are their sites, of all places, filled with pop-ups, pop-unders, annoying flash ads, and on and on. {sigh}

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Is there a download link

by alndwats In reply to How Do I Download Your Ti ...

When i click on download, it just takes me back to the post page!!

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Where is it?

by colin.hadden In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 handy Window ...

First problem seems to be no-one can find the article

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Try this to download

by mhooper63 In reply to Where is it?

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