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DOWNLOA 10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit

By JodyGilbert ·
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and most important

by 3xp3rt In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

Most important tool is an Universal RJ45 Crimping Tool, at cost of 17,5$

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match crimper to plugs

by gralfus In reply to and most important

I ran into a situation at our college where we were using AMP brand plugs and a non-AMP crimper. The crimps were always faulty. If we used generic plugs, the crimps were fine, or if we matches AMP plugs to an AMP crimper they were fine. There were a lot of exasperated students for a while until we figured this out.

When I bought my modular crimper online (GMP Tools), it came with interchangable crimping irons, for phone, RJ45, and a separate RJ45 iron for AMP plugs, so this must be a known issue.

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Here's a clue

by bpate In reply to match crimper to plugs

Don't use AMP plugs...

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Also Important

by glenn In reply to and most important

I have stolen a makeup brush from a promotional pack that was given to my wife. Nice soft bristles make it easy to clean the dust off parts.

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Vacuum Cleaner

by Too Old For IT In reply to Also Important

I have a Shark, and a kit of attachments I bought at a sewing machine store.

It works more wonders than just blowing dust around with a can of air.

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what about a sonic screwdriver?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to and most important
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Personal preference

by lipl1 In reply to what about a sonic screwd ...

Personally I perfer the 25 lb. sledge hammer myself. It resolves 99% of all hardware issues, always works, cheap to by and is the only tool needed

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by rfishpool In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

At some sites I have visted 2 essential items

1. Very big hammer

2. Large bottle of scotch

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If I had a hammer

by Too Old For IT In reply to Essential

I remember takeing a long drive to a welding supply house to install a network card.

Owner showed me the server (sitting next to his desk, of course) and a large welders hammer. Told me that if the server gave me any problems to give it a whack.

Obviously his method, as when I opened it up there was not a square or plumb surface in the machine.

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"Percussive Maintenance" strikes again

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Essential

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