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DOWNLOA 10 things: Creating a resume for a high-level IT job

By JodyGilbert ·

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by Jaqui In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things: Crea ...

page requested cannot be found error.

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Quantify major accomplishments, et al.

by Too Old For IT In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things: Crea ...

This is the biggest problem is resume prep that I see.

Most of us have just had assinments that we completed. Yet head hunters, and HR dweebs think that everyone they look at should have a BIG! LIST!! of ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!! that impact the BOTTOM LINE!!!! in a MAJOR WAY!!!!!

And if you don't, you do not deserve to have a job anywhere, not even at McDonalds.

just my 2?

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Quantify major accomplish ...

just make stuff up.

"increased french fry consumption by 110% by eating french fries on the job which in turn increased the companys bottom line and by bottom."


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Different Folks have different strokes?

by yanipen In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things: Crea ...

May I ask, will this tip will work in any place or country?

From where I am, IT folks requires the entire contents of your IT life. It DOES matter if you have listed all of the certifications and experiences, etc. From here I am, a 10 page resume is ok. Plus certs. And they still have room for interviews. HR just gives the lot of resumes to the IT and they review it themselves. You know, things like that.

Anyway, point taken. Thanks for this tip.

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Reminds me of ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Different Folks have diff ...

... a resume I saw for a admin assistant's job from Trinidad. Had her picture on it, her race, whether she was married or not, religion, children, boyfriend's name and what he did.

Weird scary stuff.

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Unable to download

by dpung In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things: Crea ...

Would love to be able to download this and many other downloads from TechRepublic site but my corp. office is blocking these downloads with Surf Control because of spy/malware/adware association.

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10 Things: Creating a resume for a hihg-level IT job

by mrniceman2012 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things: Crea ...

Consistently been trying to download Unsuccessful. But Why ?

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